LEGALISING DRUGS: Would Decriminalising Narcotics Benefit The Public? | David Nutt On London Real

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  1. If we legalize cannabis, how can we guarantee that human nature does not dictate that people will only want the next drug that they can't have? Why have we spent all this time and effort taking on big tobacco, only to throw in the towel when it comes to smoking cannabis? Are we going to row back on the restrictions on smoking placed on society to maintain a consistent position? It always surprises that more left leaning people tend to favour legalization of cannabis. They tend to be the same people who tell us not to trust big business, yet they are willing to put their faith in the proposition of the state regulating a psychoactive drug, with big private enterprise standing to make huge profits. Like these companies won't lobby or bribe governments. Greed, manipulation, control, that is what big business wants. So its natural that they would want to push the legalization argument. Learning to live one's life and finding contentment and meaning without the need to suppress your consciousnesses is a harder but ultimately more rewarding option. Better to live your life without any drugs, true freedom lies in first be one's own master, and learning to master your own mind without a consumer product sold to you by some greedy *.

  2. So glad people are starting to talk about this we need this around the world common sense instead of governments getting paid off for the from the black market get rid of the black market

  3. Yeah, bullshit. Try driving down Melnea Cass Blvd. in Boston – right near Methodone Mile where all the addicts gather. The most depressing sights of human despair you can see. Cops do nothing, city doesn’t care. I’m good.

  4. Talk to Portuguese drug users and there are things that of course legislation can't change so quickly. A lot of the police have the same pre decrim attitude. They still see the user as less than the no user and will dish out street punishment, humiliation, beatings etc. The dealing is a whole other question too..
    First step is right Nutt but lets keep on moving

  5. The legalization of drugs is another way corporate controlled government is using a form of mind control to make the population docile for their own utility. The laws are designed to make you consume substances drugs/alcohol, so you pursue your devotion to the pleasure of your senses. You retreat into yourself, become a prisoner to the addiction getting you to spend money and pay usury. The bottom line is to make you work, induce you to be docile when you dont work and pay usury 24/7. You become the opposite of Dan Pena. Where Dan says "Just fucking do it" and you say "ahh fuckit" and do nothing. People live with the case of the "fukkits".

  6. PEOPLE ARE MISSING ONE MASSIVE POINT…. some drugs might be slightly less harmful than other whether they are legal or not OR whether you legalise them or not.
    The main fact is ALL drugs are actually bad for you, different drugs are bad for you in different ways depending on the ones you take and how much and how long you take them for.
    Don’t believe me?
    Then ask people in their late 30s, 40s and 50s who have done a lifetime of them. They were all running from personal problems of some sort and used drugs to cope/mask their problems.
    Drugs including alcohol don’t work they just kick the problem down the road for you to deal with at some stage.
    If you ingest some form of drug or like a drink- you should ask yourself why and start there.
    A perfect example of this for young people to understand are both smoking cigarettes and tattoos, both are very cool on young people.
    Fast forward to a woman in her fifties
    Yellow teeth,cackle laugh-and faded tattoos on bingo winged arms.
    That’s the future.
    Actions and consequences

  7. Legalisation is better than the present system, for sure….however….getting stimulants on prescription leads to people getting hold of unethical doctors who prescribe the drug which is then collected at the pharmacy (often subsidised by the taxpayer) and then sold on a street corner… are opioids in the USA…..still, the Portuguese system is better than what's already in place…..

  8. I've smoked weed for 16yrs, half my life. In the end it became addictive but that's because I was going through a lot. Living in Amsterdam I know many who are addicted as fck. I can honestly say I prefer the occasional psychedelic over the lure of the daily use of weed. It's like Pringles, once I pop I can't stop.

    Fyi: The Dutch smoke to get high. Americans smoke to get fckd up. Know the difference. ?

  9. Coffee and tobacco are plant medicines. Opium is a plant medicine, heroin is not. Coca is a plant medicine, cocaine is not. Marijuana is a plant medicine. People need to learn to tell the difference between a plant medicine like opium, and it's strong dangerous chemical concentrations, like morphine, codeine, and heroin for crying out loud. We are so misinformed, that we can't tell the difference between Pharmaceuticals and plant medicines. Plants grow. Chemical derivatives are made.

  10. 30 mg of THC is too much??! Are you serious??! Not everyone has the same genetic profile or reaction as you Mr. Nutt. It took 40 mgs as a start for me to feel anything from ZERO use prior to that moment. I need min 50mgs after a long tolerance break just to feel that as well now, and can walk around clear headed at 1000mgs when my tolerance is up. Don’t use personal anecdotes to judge the populous at large. Otherwise those of us who need above a certain “daily dose allowed to be sold” will have no recourse but to try to trick the system somehow. If your trying to curtail the black market here. Wake up!! And stop making fallacious arguments about YOUR genetic limitations. Or those who want what works will get it or make it somewhere else. Aloha

  11. More then half of population are high on caffeine and consume alchool on a daily bases . And of course smoke a pack of cigarettes a day ….. the irony is wtf level .
    Everyone should be free to do anything as long as it does not harm others . Cannabis is the best choice if you need a way to relax with the least consequences and it is a pure fact . ( vaping and not burning )

  12. So what about all the drug gangs who are targeting young teenagers and causing stress and misery for many people? What about the fact that drugs are causing psychosis and mental illness in many young people as their brains are still developing?

  13. We must legalise all drugs and regulate like alcohol. All the money spent on prison to treat addiction. The amount of people I know that are addicted to prescription meds is ridiculous. Elderly people don’t even think they are addicts because the doctor prescribed it to them. Horrible drugs like gabapentin, pregabalin destroy people and the doctors are peddling them out the door for cash for big pharma!

    What’s the difference! Humans have always consumed drugs. One of my favourite books is James Lees Underworld of the East. Shows you a world before prohibition. Prisons are a joke they don’t correct anyone. They even call them correctional facilities. Cause more harm than good especially when it comes to non violent drug users. Violent people or people that do harm to others should be in prison end off!

  14. I believe they came up with the answer. Calling it The Clinic for Suboxone. State gets the income, buyers take a nap. Yes, booze killing people by the carloads, yet easily accessible.

  15. The coffee shops get their weed from the same criminals as they did before… The laws in Holland don't allow production nor transportation… The guessed is standard not that informed. Just enough to perpetuate the no nothing get paid culture

  16. How about free adults do what they want because they are free. That many people do drugs everyday is proof enough there is no issuse. Millions take pills every weekend and a hand full of deaths a year (from crap pills) but it's a problem ¿

  17. Everyone has a different tolerance. A 30mg gummy bear might seem alot to you, but to people like me its not. And that sucks for me cuz it means I need higher doses and more of them which means more money. But its so much healthier than big Pharma pills!!! Fuck xanax and adderall!!!!!

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