Let’s Discuss Trulieve’s TruNano 1:8 CBD/THC Tincture #Trulieve #TruNano #Tincture

Trulieve #TruNano #Tincture This is my review of Trulieve’s TruNano 1:8 CBD/THC tincture. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!


  1. There is nowhere on the bottle or the box that says this product has to be refrigerated. They didn't tell me at Trulieve to refrigerate it either. Is there a danger to keeping it at room temperature?

  2. I love this 8:1 CBD THC Tincture. I always keep it around. It is so versatile really. You can use it on it's own or as a part of your day and night dosing regimen with the concentrated oils weather they be sativa/hydrid/ or Indica. And to stave off any unexpected unwanted side effects of thc or just trying a new strain that winds up not agreeing with you.

    I won't be without it. I use only 2 drops with my chosen day strain, and again at night with my chosen night strain.

    I rarely need to use a inhalation product for breakthrough pain. And when I am having a bad day, I only need one hit only once or twice within a 24hr period.

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