1. haha, man your videos always leave me with a huge smile on my face… Bonjour and much love from France- we got CBD oil here too, also in several other forms (crystals, resin, edibles).. but the CBD percentage varies, so everyone should be looking to get the highest grade for maximum benefits..

  2. Love you Macka B!! Thank you for all your blessed knowledge and for all the effort you consistently put into making these videos. It's very appreciated ❤❤❤ Much love, light and blessings to you ?

  3. Who else hit the thumb up before you even watch it? Macka B you are one of my top favorite reggae artist! May God keep blessing you with your unique talent and bringing the beautiful message to the people!

  4. Bless up Macka B, THANK YOU for your informative help ! Austria government want now criminalize CBD .
    Legalize Cannabis, don't criminalize it, don't criminalize us ! THANK YOU, RESPECT + ONE LOVE !!

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