Making A Non-Alcholic Sublingual THC Spray Tincture For Anxiety/Stress/Relaxation/Microdosing

In this video I cover a little bit about MCT oil and how to use it to make a simple non-alcoholic spray tincture in a small pocket sized spray bottle. This can be …


  1. So 10 milligrams per millimeter is what? 10% concentration per 1 millimeter dose?
    And what do prodessional/medical results performed on mice, as an example, say for dosage? What percent of concentration for how many times a day? Etc

  2. Fucking brilliant with the spray bottle my guy. Cheers. I’m going to make a tincture tomorrow with distillate and 151 proof. Then I’m going to infuse it into a home made soda… can’t wait.

    You got any idea how many mg/ spray to titrate dosage?

  3. Sorry, one more thing. I use 10ml plastic syringes with luerlock tips you can add different stainless steel tips and remove for easy cleaning. and I can measure out 10ml at a time. You can cap em also so when I do tinctures I’ll preload a bunch of the 5 or 10ml syringes and cap them for storage or if I’m traveling. Not trying to be an ass, just tips I’ve learned from failing so many times and getting better the next.

  4. Also, how long does the MCT suspend/ stay mixed for the distillate. I’m running a short path/ rotovap setup for getting my distillate. I haven’t done spray yet, been doing raw unprocessed honey. Honey holds the thc great.

  5. I make something similar, but I use alcohol tinctures & make a sublingual spray with 2/3 tincture, 1/3 aloe vera juice (pure, unsweetened) & 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil. The aloe is soothing & beneficial & cuts the burn of the alcohol. Put in a small dark glass sprayer bottle & shake well before each use.

  6. Brooooo! Congrats on 1k subs. I'm sorry I've been slacking as a viewer and haven't been liking and commenting on your vids. I've been busy.
    Sometimes if I really wanna get to where I need to be I'll take 250mg of distillate in one shot. Just mixed in a syringe with a minimal amount of coconut oil

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