Marijuana cases dropped in Travis County following Texas hemp law | KVUE

The Travis County District Attorney said she would not prosecute a number of people charged with possession or delivery of marijuana. STORY: …


  1. it's governments job to protect your personal property, not steal it. I like Mari-Golds because they help keep the mosquietoes away…It's a Marigold not a pot plant. Don't steeal it.

  2. This is GREAT news! However, I was originally watching in order to comment/ask…wtf is the deal with the abrupt cancellation of this & kxan? Is it Sinclair?!?!!! State t.v. watch OUT!!! We should've been smart like they are in Hong Kong, we are letting this Orange monster take WAY TOO many privileges. Or in China/Russia anyplace total control of media…hundreds of areas across the world where the government, just decides when to turn off the internet. Now they turn off local stations. Telling us about homeless, immigration, etc…in a red(heading purplish if not blue) state? Somebody's GOT to FREAKING remember Ann Richards if they want to make a difference! Sorry, it's late.

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