1. What the public needs to know that weed does not give violent, nasty, combative personalities. Unlike alcohol which works differently with different personality types. It is a much healthier choice. Mentally, emotionally, physically. This also has wonderful medicinal purposes which can allow down the use of harder drugs.

  2. I think it was a great idea for you to go to Amsterdam and research how they facilitate the recreational marijuana culture/structure/etc.., but I find it curious you didn't try any. I haven't watched this entire video so I don't know if you mention ever trying it or not but I think you would find a lot of value in trying marijuana or at least speaking to people who do smoke recreationally. Also please keep in mind if you had tried it once at a young age and had a bad experience…well I'm sure you can find just as many stories, if not more, of people getting drunk for the first time and having one hell of a rough night.

    Another interesting perspective that was brought up imagined the state as "pushing" marijuana on the public and encouraging over consumption as a means to generate additional tax revenue. I get that it was said in somewhat of a joking manner and I'd be surprised if you truly felt that were the case… but I bring this up because it's almost a no-brainer at this point in terms of the immediate surge in tax revenue. There is already a large population of users, light – heavy, that would buy legally sold weed immediately once given an alternative to their illegal dealer. If, although unlikely, the percentage of people who smoke marijuana immediately started decreasing, upon legalization, there would still be massive amounts of money generated via taxation.

    It's also been shown and proven time and time again that it is much easier for underage individuals to get a hold of illegal substances like marijuana when compared to alcohol. I can confirm from personal experience nobody it was much more difficult to get a hold of alcohol when compared to finding other drugs. There just isn't a market for legally sold substances when the proper laws and regulation are in place. Just look at Mexico and the border wall issues. Do you really think the cartel and other large organized gangs would have such power without the war on drugs? I'm not saying we should just legalize everything but we need to really look at what is happening when relatively benign drugs are looked at with such disdain and malice.

    I understand where you are coming from when you say that freedom isn't necessarily free and with every liberty we sacrifice some safety but let us not pretend that marijuana is SO dangerous, especially when compared to the destructive nature of alcohol. How many lives have been ruined by alcohol abuse in NJ? How many lives have been ruined by legal prescription drugs? The data just isn't there for the argument that legal marijuana endangers the safety of the general public in any meaningful way.

    It's also ironic that you mention marijuana dis-proportionality affects minorities. Wouldn't you say it being illegal has something to do with that?

    In terms of addiction and mental health… marijuana isn't physically addictive. You can certainly become addicted in the same sense that you can be addicted to social media/video games/pornography or any other pleasure generating activity.

    You were very passionate about the current issue surrounding veterans. Shouldn't we investigate every possible avenue for rehabilitation for such individuals. I'm not sure what marijuana can do to help aside with alleviating pain/anxiety/etc.. but there have been promising studies in the use of Psilocybins with regard to serious mental trauma or illness.

    This has become a bit of a rant but I think this talk/debate is pretty obviously one sided and legislation should be made only after looking at the whole picture.

    I'm glad we've gotten to this point in our society where we can actually have a conversation about marijuana but we're not quiet as progressive as we can be on the issue.

    One last point – No one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana.

    Check out this video…

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