1. May I ask why you're more interested in CGC than Aphria? I was thinking of employing your strategy of the shorts taking profit pre earnings (who don't want to gamble pre earnings) for a small pre earnings short covering pop

  2. Hey Dan, thanks for this video. Most important part for me was your rational and realistic take on the sector. It can be hard to find a reasonable opinion when things get crazy like this.

  3. This is a great opportunity for the sector , just not for day traders. Long term, Iā€™m slowly accumulating pot stocks I had previously sold for a profit. Looking forward to Mexico legalization and US banks joining the mix

  4. Although this may be intentional, you can click on the – sign top left and hide your indicator settings to clear the clutter on the screen. šŸ™‚ Keep up the great work, I'm very appreciative of your content. Thank You.

  5. I would have never guessed this would be happening now 2 years ago.
    Dispensaries were open for years here in Canada and now they started shutting them
    down and "inspecting"
    Government manipulation at it's finest – I thought I learned my bagholding lessons before but I guess not
    Back to before square one for me. 20k – 80k – 14k…. but Dan says don't be sad =) The future is there waiting for us

  6. Continued legislation will just drive up the price on a product that already has strong alternative channels. ie. I hear it's cheaper on the street by a lot. I live in Los Angeles and the streets are a drug store.

  7. I mean, Crypto has no Fundamentals. So it can bounce 400% on pure speculation. But if you got actual sales numbers that show an overvaluation I doubt it. But you have more experience so I guess you'll be right.

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