1. Hello Dan, thank you for the great insight. I know you covered BMMJ several days ago, and it appears the name is consolidating and still grinding to the upside. Now that the RSI has cooled off a bit and laying down support I'm thinking its time to look at buying it. Like you mentioned I have been moving my CA MJ into US names. This one seems to have good momentum and some promising bullish potential. I know you have a lot of names to cover, but can you add this to your MJ list? Thank you for the great content and I have been a fan for years: Crypto, MJ, SPY and Gold. I watch them all everyday.

  2. Dan, Thank you for your support, you are great. You double your money at you trip. 
    Your staying there, are the best example of: when you are surrounded by wealth, you attract wealth, vortex are great, and if we are open to it, we are attracting. 
    Polish proverbs: who you are dealing with, you are become so. All the BEST.

  3. Hey Dan, quick observation I made today going through my watch list. There might be a sub sector emerging within the Canadian MJ sector in the form of the extraction focused companies. Today at one point my large MJ watch list was almost exclusively red…except for 4/5 of the bigger extraction companies I follow: VGW, LABS, NEPT, SPR, and RTI. VGW had some huge bullish action yesterday and today near the ATH, and we all know how LABS has been doing.. With the legalization of extracts/bevs/edibles in Canada this fall it might be something to watch out for, as on a fundamental level they seem to have an advantage.

  4. What does it mean that Cura has such low bear volume on the daily, but the price action suggests a large dump in terms of percentage lost and size of the candlestick? Does that mean there were no buyers to offset the few sellers that existed? Thanks

  5. Where is the money going? 😉 Perhaps another hype market sector? I think weakness will continue but I like that ACB setup because of that gap on the daily. I think you saw it right at the end of that section. Might call option in papertrade if it holds support at the bottom of the gap. Still practicing options.

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