1. How much does a quarter cost over there, like 50 pesos? I'd buy a quarter ounce for 50 pesos but it would have to be homegrown not compressed. Then again I'd just grow my own and save my money ?????

  2. I'm in Mexico right now where do you get your seeds from ?I've seen purp and dro here but none had seeds when I brought them back to where I'm at in Mexico , let me know please
    Beautiful buds !

  3. Hey bro. Un saludo!

    You grow some quality stuff. By the looks of it it's all organic. I even noticed the vegetable scraps as fertilizer. Keep on growing , hermano!

  4. Airy buds, poor resin production, it's a step in the right direction but a long ways to go to compete with anything american, canadian, or even dutch. I don't know why you guys can't grow for shit but this is what mexico is known for, inferior weed. For mexico that may be medical but for here that's low quality. 3:13 im sorry but if you think that leafy airy crap is good you are sorely mistaken.

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