Micheál Martin Calls For A Medicinal Cannabis Access Scheme

During Leaders’ Questions on Wednesday, Micheál Martin raised the issue of introducing a Medicinal Cannabis access programme, as currently there are up to …


  1. This is just a distraction. End mass immigration which crushes wages, social cohesion and our native culture. End forced debt enslavement. End crippling taxes, especially on the husbands of wonderful stay at home mothers who sustain this country. End handouts for the whole world. End your reign of corrupt, treasonous and Godless terror.

  2. We should us social media to our advantage ALL OF US, when the whores seeking votes for FFFGSF etc call to your door have a printed form/questionnaire asking them to complete simple yes/no answers then sign on behalf of there masters,record them (have a notice on your door informing anyone you have the right to record etc on your private property) ask do they think 5g is dangerous YES or no ,vaccines etc ,then upload it to youtube see how soon they run away or actually get educated and stand up for the people.

  3. All irish political parties are the same. Anyone who believes theres a difference between fine fail and fine gael or between sinn fein/labour etc is too stupid to be allowed to vote. Marajuana should be 100% legal for medical and recreational reasons. Its no business of the state to get involved.

  4. All the garda who are useless won't be able search people for one joint anymore. or the people who do bad things get left off because they rat on someone for smoking weed. When it's legal the country will be a better place. Also no homeless more houses and money for our hospital if legalized.

  5. Good initiative. Government is led by the worst possible entities- The mainstream parties. They work against, not for the people. The answer is not more socialism. That is another hellhole. The answer is decentralisation of power. The opposite of what is happening currently.

  6. Cannabis should be legalised but Fianna FAIL are communist traitors. They destroyed the value of housing on our island nation and are involved with money counterfeiting communist central banksters. Fianna Geal are no different, communist scum! Sinn Feinn are also communist internationalist scum. All political parties in Ireland are traitors to the people. You all deserve to be pulled out of your mansions and hung in your front garden by angry mobs. It should be video taped and put up on the internet as a warning to the scum that will follow you.
    Notice how these cowards disable the comments on most of their videos? LOL absolute weakling scum. They know people like me will come on here abd say the truth. All political parties in Ireland are commie traitor scum. Thats the truth. There is no conservative party in Ireland! Fianna Geal are leftist filth. They are cuckservative not conservative.

  7. Finaly this country is on a path to move out of the stone age ✌🏻people need to decide for themselves if they choose to use cannabis or not plus something like this would keep a lot of money out of the hands of scumbags killing each other and innocents for distribution of the cannabis black market in this country which is definitely worth billions each year

  8. the irish government should legalize medicinal marijuana for mental health and other reasons and decriminalised it we should of been one of the first in the world but not too late to change it

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