1. What a joke. The parents can have it but the children can't . So let me ask where do the parents go when they want to do their thing ? Do they place the kids in a closet so that they aren't around or what ? This is all ridiculous. If you don't want children to have access then don't legalize it so the parents don't buy it. If you think it will have negative results in people such as violence then don't make it legal. How can you for example legalize to go 100 miles per hour on a street full of kids and then tell the person you can do it as long as you don't hit a kid. Does that make any sense ? Can't people find better ways to relax ? Better ways to deal with their issues? They're just becoming more lazy and these days we can barely find hard working people because all they want to do is smoke weed and seat at home. Who thought this is a good idea? It's disappointing

  2. Legalize. From a moral perspective, even if it is a mere "pleasure of the flesh", keeping it illegal would be like punishing people for masterbation. It wouldn't work and it would jail people for having a lack of self-control. The laws don't cause people to stop.

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