MOON ROCK DABS – Extracting Cannabis Concentrates From MOON ROCKS

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  1. แค่เก็บดอกมาตากยำแล้วดูดก็จบ เจอหางกระรอกไทยก็พอแล้ว..เรื่องมาก.

  2. I wish Australia would hurry up and legalise for recreation. We pay way to much for very poor quality. Also most of my adult life has revolved around the culture but lately most of my friends and family have given up due to various reasons all involving some kind of law or legislation. These days I hide away just to have a bong and feel like a dirty junkie of petty criminal just cause I smoke and dab. Aussie pot culture sux

  3. I’m coming USA to join you boys on theses crazy high missions I’m sick of ?? it’s like a strain hunter mission everyday FYI find nice buds like fucking Indiana Jones tryna find the thc skull

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