1. Burn it, cbd flowers low resin production during the burning process differentiates the two. This is not a assumption but tested by me with flower from 4 different cbd retailers. Cbd flower also has a higher volume per gram due to its lighter density, a 1/8 of flower will be a larger physical quanity than a 1/8 of illegal thc strain of cannabis. Legislature fears what they dont understand, period, what they dont mention is the delcline of pharmacuetical purchases and how people are getting relief with out spending funds on doctor visits and prescriptions. Im pro cannabis, as someone who used illegal marijuana for the better part of 25years i can say i prefer cbd flower to thc cannabis. If it is legal for sale and consumtion in Nc i would never think of using thc strain. It has all the good effects without the bad effects… cbd flower relieves my chronic pain from so joints to sciatica, to insominia. Shame it wont last…

  2. the only thing is lawsuits to make shit work u either lobby of wait in politician's while a lawsuit get done not only quicker but hold them liable for damages etc instead of letting them walk away

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