1. MyDx is a scam. Fly-by-nigh start-up. Took ym money (and many other's) service me for a year and now I have enless trouble with the app, support is non-existent or puts the blame on me. Shit support, shit support, shit support.
    Do NOT buy this device,this company is not friendly nor supportive and should you get support, the person has no idea about their own product.

    Do your homework, go read reviews of people actually using the device. It worked well, I built a company doing well but suddenly the app started misbehaving and now my company is suffering.
    Wouter@d913.co.za http://d913.co.za

  2. This device does not work!
    None of the readings are you close to accurate. I want a full refund.
    The company promised me “unlimited support” And they have not returned a single one of my third voicemails, nor did he reply to email. These people need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

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