1. I saw you coffee/liver video are you still giving out misinformation that possibly harms people? You constantly contradict yourself. Plus you're an annoying fatass liberal "ooh it will help you stop thinking of trump"

    You're HURTING PEOPLE.. Telling them to smoke weed? You know the psychosis it causes? It's a very destruct drug do you not understand this?

  2. Most heavy users I know over time develop an under-average appetite. I feel like the initial effect of an increased appetite slowly turns around when using non stop. I don't have any data to back that up, it's just what I see in people who have been smoking weed for several years without ever taking a break. They're all stick-skinny.

  3. Ha! I've used it to GAIN weight. I have an autoimmune similar to RA and due to pain and lack of sleep, I can lose my appetite. Weed has helped me a lot, particularly during winter and rainy seasons.

  4. Weed is the devils drug. The users should have extremely harsh prison sentences and be forced to sit in church and repent. God is the only drug you need. Marijuana turns people into blood thirsty lunatics

  5. Calories are something usually ALWAYS under reported at least in lieu of dieting (counting calories) but I could see people overreporting too. It's a very hard thing to know… OOps and you just said what I just wrote as I was watching this hehe.

  6. Lab controlled calorie studies are better controlled, but as you see, it is really hard to get a good sample size. Bith kinds of studies are flawed. What you need is a study showing how cannibus affects your estimation of caloric intake. You can do that with a short enough lab study, like 8-12 hours or so, that you can get a reasonable sample size. Spend a saturday at a lab getting baked and eating baked goods. Then at the end of the day, estimate. Compare that to a control. Should improve the predictive power of the other large sample size surveys.

  7. Great video. 😀 I was in the hospital in 2013 when I was diagnosed with diabetes (2) and started doing a lot of research obviously because I quite enjoy not dying. If you're interested in weight regulation, I recommend the book Good Calories, Bad Calories. The author is a science journalist with a lot of bonafides and I personally found it well researched, although it really could use some visual aids (motherfucker).

    In general, there's no good evidence that the mozzarella sticks will have any impact on your weight. It seems the only thing that really impacts weight regulation to a significant degree is refined white sugar, which in a typical western diet we eat in quantities several orders of magnitude greater than that of someone living before ~1850 when the first commercially viable sugar refineries started, and when (as best our data can show) it seems the average weight of westerners began increasing.

    That being the case, it's possible that the extra calories consumed by pot-heads tend not to be as sugary. I know a lot of them eat a lot of Taco Bell and White Castle because it's cheap and open late. Because those things are pretty low on the glycemic index, they're unlikely to contribute any amount to a pot-head's weight. Of course, I don't have any statistical data for pot-head munchie sources. 😛

    EDIT: Oh, yep… I started writing that before finishing the video… so, yeah, if their methodology is that they're giving them a button that spits them out a donut whenever they're smoking, that's likely to cause weight gain. But if they offered them low-glycemic-index snacks (vegetables, some brands of jerky), you'd get a very different outcome.

    And if the researchers are measuring calories instead of measuring grams of refined sugar, then their measuring stick is broken to begin with, which is why they would gain more weight than was predicted, because they're basically trying to measure the depth of a pool with a strand of silly-string. The string will get to the bottom at some point, but who's to say if it will be straight by the time it gets there?

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