Nutri-West Seminar Denver Oct 5-6, 2019

Chiropractic Cubed – Nutri-West is holding a seminar Oct 5-6, 2019 in Denver, CO. Dr Vetanze will be talking about Gravitational Pattern Alignment. To learn …


  1. I went there a week ago for my neck and left side of my back.
    It was hurting for 2 months.
    Dr V did his magic and the next day the pain was gone. Been to him before for my back and right hip. That has been a problem for years. He fixed that also. I have spent thousands on Dr visits in Kansas City. Xrays, MRI'S, Cat scans, pills, etc.. 2 visits to this man and the right hip pain was gone. Not sure how he does it but the man is a miracle worker. If you have a back or leg or neck problem go see him before you spend needless money on other drs.
    People need to learn this mans talent. But they rather give you drugs to mask the pain instead of treating it.

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