On The Issues: 2020 Presidential Candidates On Legalizing Marijuana | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dr. John Torres reviews where the 2020 candidates stand on the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana. » Subscribe to NBC News: …


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  2. Texas has so many drugs available on the market people can just get such as cigarettes alcohol over the counter medications caffeine and fast food yes fast food is a drug because and a lot of other foods that we consume do have a Trace Amounts of drugs in them a lot of them or wait more harmful that marijuana yes I have done my research and have talked to people who have used it before it became illegal and they say it hasn't affected them at all that it is just a way to relax your whole body and unwind and it is not a gateway drug by the way and all this stuff about addiction addiction does not even exist a person has the choice of quitting or continuing 2 use or find stronger things to support their habits for example when I hit 21 I drinked liquor and rum but I kept all of that under control and I wasn't drinking all day everyday searching for different ways to get the effect so people use the word Addiction as an excuse to continue doing what they do and also before the band on alcohol marijuana was legal and then when the alcohol got legalized everybody started hating on marijuana making it illegal

  3. As long as alcohol is available at almost every establishment and bars and liquor stores are everywhere, and opioids are being handed out like candy.. people die from cigarettes and second hand smoke… then how can you even debate if marijuana should be legalized. How can you legally have the option of alcohol and cigarettes but be denied marijuana… doesn’t make sense

  4. Talking about gateway drugs here!!!

    And i can tell you for sure. That cannabis (don't call it marijuwana), is a good herb. Alcohol on they other hand. Is a gateway drugs 100%.

    Cannabis reduces risk taking.
    Alcohol induces risk taking.

    Don't believe me? Who do you think will drive 110 on the freeway after using? An alcohol user or an cannabis user?

  5. It's always the plan of the Marxists, alias communists or socialist to either drunken or drug their society. It helps tame the male initiative so the men don't get wise enough to start a revolution.
    Russia used vodka, even paid the workers in vodka. …(still today their convenience stores and grocery stores are more than half liquor over food and other products). Castro used rum and marijuana. Chavez used marijuana and beetlenut.
    That's why they have fought to legalize marijuana now as "medical marijuana"… starting with the Clintons… they are a bunch of potheads.

  6. If President Trump legalized Marijuana he would take it away from The Demoncrats. However we’ll all know at that point they would all change their minds and now call it A controlled substance again. I would still love to see their faces if he did… PRICELESS.

  7. Instead of "states making a judgment", why not each adult individual making that judgment? Do you really want states to infantilize their residents? Why don't these "leaders" have another hypocritical cocktail while they discuss another person's personal decisions on ingestion of a plant. A PLANT!!!!!!

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