Organic Farming | Challenges of farming organic #Farm Thailand

Organic Farming | Challenges of farming organic #Farm Thailand Here is our latest farming in Thailand video, which covers some of the challenges we are …


  1. Your soil under your trees is bad, you need to get the soil healthy and the plants will be able to resist bugs much better. Also there is too much space between them with empty dry land. I get bugs too but I don't do hardly anything about them and it solves itself, never ever spray anything. I grow tomatoes, chilli, celery, onion and some fruit trees.
    With smaller vegetables like chilli, planting garlic in between them worked wonders for me. Keep herbs around the area, pests hate them.

  2. The dogs won't eat the very, very hot scorpion chillis they are deadly
    will burn first their mouth then their arse. You can use them as a
    poacher repellent by mixing the chilli with Vaseline and put it on where

  3. i always knew ants were ass lickers,i mean look at adam ant when he sang stand and deliver dressed in his dandy highwayman costume,you could tell he liked a bit of tongue on bum action,probably used to use condiments as well to attract animal and insects to have a go as well the dirty bugger! you wouldnt say it to his face mind as ants are strong and can lift something like 100 times their body weight and i dont fancy being lifted up in the air and carried about by some bloke dressed up like a twat and singing threats to kill me if i dont hand over my money ffs!

  4. Burn the infected palm leaves and plant material.  Can you buy beneficial bugs over there to try to control pests?  My gardeners had to cut down two of my palms as they had 'worms', some sort of burrowing beetle.  Squirrels eat those beetles but you need a lot of squirrels.  The Isan workers were eating the squirrels.  Testing times.  Good luck.

  5. Your organic bug spray is not strong enough. Use Jamaican chilli [hot bonnet] or scorpion chillies the hottest you can find; boiled up put it in with liquid soap, garlic and mint then strain it so as not to block the spray nozzle, mind your eyes when spraying. In the UK it is recommended to pinch out the tops of broad beans to cut down the infestation of black aphids I don’t know about your beans, just use the organic spray recommended. Also I recommend using folia feed spray of your own compost tea. Put compost in a large barrel with some manure [cow or goat], your own pee, worm tea, green leaves, [cabbage family type, comfrey] some molasses or [possibly some sugar] a bottle of the heaviest dark beer for yeast [or use a couple of spoons full of baker’s yeast] and have an air line with an air stone running to give it oxygen, fill it up with the mixture then top up the barrel with water; leave bubbling for two or three weeks to get it going then to keep it going keep adding your favourites as you continuously take liquor mixture. Do not use it neat. Put a cup or half to 5 gallon. You will be surprised at the results on your crops. A man in England uses this folia spray to grow his prize winning giant vegetable and he has not had any problems with bugs.
    Here is one person I found doing the same in Canada copy and paste into youtube.
    Compost Tea for Growing BIG Vegetables

  6. Leigh, I had a very similar situation with my coconut palms. After one got so bad we decided to cut it down, we found boring Beatles and their larvae inside the trunk of it. Since then, I've been spraying a bug killer on my palms for them. Seems to be working as I don't have the bad leaves and bore marks on the branches as I did before. You need to spray mostly in the bundle the leaves sprout out from. The same place your coconuts form. The Beatles lay eggs in the rotting gunk in there and the larvae go crazy in there. Good luck on it, oh, and you'll need a ladder or send Toon up the tree….

  7. We're starting to get a few bugs on our Lettuce and corn… might have to start spraying them with something. Everything else is still going strong. No bugs to report… yet. Love your place dude. So nice Leigh. Really starting to fill in nicely. Keep up the fine work my friend! Cheers!

  8. Well done Mr Titmush, germ warfare at its best, organic all the way.

    Your place though is probably a bloody great big neon food sign for the bugs if all your neighbours are nuking them

  9. with you being an oasis of un sprayed land it is the only place to go for them and your land needs lil time to get beneficial insects that eat them in place ide burn infected leaves palm and try rotating your sprays as well tobacco  chilli and garlic then oil n soap as well as lil neem seed oil I often plant nastershums next to things get fly as insects cover them and leave your food alone lol

  10. Hi Leigh and Toon have just googled homemade caterpillar spray and several seem to work using garlic or chilliest in a spray either on the leaves or on the ground around the plants. Sure you could cook up something. Really enjoy your down to earth attitude to life and clogging. Keep up the good work.

  11. We put a load of ladybird bugs on chilli trees, cleared the blackfly up in few days.
    We really struggled with organic spray on our ft long beans, just didnt touch them.
    We struggle with pest control on 4 rai, i wouldnt like to think how difficult it is on size of your land.
    Good vlog mate ?

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