Organic weed? See how 48North's Good Farm is cultivating sun-grown, outdoor cannabis | The GrowthOp

We went to 48North’s Good Farm outdoor facility in Brantford, Ontario to see how this licensed weed producer is doing organic cannabis. Watch to see how their …


  1. Let me tell every one here, just like I told everyone at Midas Letters Youtube page, 1 year in Advance of Can Trusts decline, I calld the CEO a carpett bagging theif who had no business, in this business. I was spot on.

    The same can be said for this smug little smirk faced carpet bagging clown. That farm looks like a joke! I have plenty of friends with 10 pounds plus on 4 plants in there yards. ( Its legal). This little Phony is smirking at you all because he has no clue wtf he is doing and, he thinks he is laughing all the way to the bank. Guys with skills, would have that place full of 9 foot plants with over 4 pounds on each. Its hard to express what carpet bagging fakes these people are.

    This industry, in its current form, is DOA… MArk them words….

  2. Photoperiods do NOT need 12 hours of light outside to initiate flowering. That’s false. If that were true you wouldn’t begin to see flower production until September 21st.

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