Orofino Police Officer Harasses Medical Marijuana Petitioners

After having petitioned on a public sidewalk near public property, an officer from the Orofino (Idaho) Police Department pulls me and my 77-year-old father over …


  1. DO NOT ANSWER POLICE QUESTIONS! Unless he suspects, or has proof that u were parking somewhere that u didn't have permission (or were trespassed from), u DO NOT have to prove your innocence! First thing u should have asked him was "do u have any reason to believe that I did not have permission to park there?" Then when he tries to what he thinks is play dumb, even though he truly is an idiot by saying it's just a question, the very next thing u need to ask is if u are being detained for a crime or violation. If not, DO NOT produce ID and tell him to fuck off. This cop had the temperance of a toddler and was trying to argue everything and act like he was doing nothing wrong by stopping u. And it doesn't matter if a state has 1 or 2 party consent laws. ANY person can film the police in the course of their duties without notifying them that they are being recorded. Start pushing back people. The cops are going to be an asshole to u no matter what. They will sit there with a smile on their face, acting like your friend, all as an attempt to get YOU to admit guilt and give THEM a good reason to ticket or arrest u. U being nice back is NOT going to change anything, except how easy it is for them to build their case against u. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  2. Idaho doesn't want your filthy liberal Oregon dope smoking politics.  Go back to your Leftist loving state, and stop trying to make law enforcement look bad for your own Bernie loving agenda!!  Feel the Bern – must be hemorrhoids!!

  3. So the idiot is a cop and his wife is a nurse , that does not make him any less the idiot , every thing that came out of this cops life was either illegal or just plain idiotic , another douche bag with a badge

  4. "My wife, who's a nurse…"

    Well, my uncle is an entomologist, so I'd be in merry hell if I couldn't answer this question about the mating habits of Drosophila melanogaster…

    This is what passes for logic in Blue Line Land.

    "Is Oregon a single-party state?"

    Setting aside that Idaho isn't Oregon, the notions of single-party and two-party pertain to wiretapping laws, which only apply where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy, and not only is there no expectation of privacy in public, recording interactions with law enforcement is a protected activity under the first amendment.

    Why do these fuckwits insist on exposing their ignorance of the most basic principles of their profession at every single opportunity?

    I thought you were very nice to him. I'd have torn him, a new one for being such an imbecile.

    Thanks to Questionable Authority for flagging your channel. As a chronic pain patient myself, in a country (UK) in which it's difficult to get decent pain relief even from the criminals, I applaud your efforts.

  5. The lengths people will got to just to try to talk to another human. I could not, in any moment, figure out why this encounter had to take place. Policy enforcers are required to prove probable cause of a crime before this "conversation" can go anywhere, let alone, demand one to surrender their 4th Amendment rights. And the policy enforcers wonder why scrutiny is their enemy today.

  6. If it had been me, I wouldn't have answered any questions or provided my drivers license.
    The conversation would have gone something like this:
    Officer: I'm just curious blah blah blah blah.

    Me: No thank you. Have a nice day.

  7. People, If us citizen don't start putting a stop to this kind of force from them tyrants all its going to do is get worse and worse! ANYTIME you see cops always pull out your cell phone and start videoing them! if there in the right or wrong! Stand up for your rights!!!

    I watch hundreds of videos from cop watchers, talking about first Amendment auditors Like anything else People says if you don't use it, You will lose it! and that applies to your first Amendment! Now days you see more and more cops getting killed, Now days you see more and more cops killing people on the street. Now days you see cities paying millions of dollars out in lawsuits over cops trying to take your first Amendment from people! Cops now days are so so out of control and there is a very very big disconnect between people and cops and if there isn't something done fast all its going to do is get worse! more people will be killed for no reason and lots more cops will be getting killed!!!! Hopefully!

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