1. It's not bad man! Environment will dictate the nutrition use in the leaves. So wilted leaves mean your weed is working.
    We just got to stop treating them like plants and let them thrive like a weed.
    I could be wrong, I just started my own and on 5 the week. Just uploaded vid??

  2. hope they all recover , think some might be fine. You could had made some plstic walls or roofs on your metal construction to keep some warmth inside.would also protect them from real heavy rain. looks the cold got m. anyways gl hopefully in next update vid they look better 🙂

  3. I would take clones from the ones that are still healthy after that temp drop! I can hook you up with some indoor clones I got on 18/6 , bubba kush , purple kush , white widow , next year I could have back-ups for all your grow , I’m in Santa Clara county though??

  4. Your good;*)
    Cover in plastic in night time.
    Morning sun by 10 am warm up.
    Look for new growth…this is good…
    What is the weather looking like in next 2 weeks.
    Pick out the strongest that look the best.
    Keep roots warm.
    This if makes it they should still be lanky at first then fill in.
    Keep growing
    Showing :*)

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