Overfeeding and How To Flush Your Cannabis

Overfeeding and How To Flush Your Cannabis! These cannabis plants have been overfed unknowingly for about three weeks. This video shows what that will …


  1. My tap water is 230 ppm! My plants look good! They are in coco and I’ve never flushed…..yet! I’m into week 5! Should I flush with 5.8 PH water and than give it its regular feeding the next day? Any added info you need to help I tell ya! Really want to do a good job on this grow and so far they look perfect but I have been concerned about the speed of growth….. than again it’s a little cool in the grow room (18.5 Celsius at night 20 light on)

  2. i went to work for 2 weeks and when i came back my gf fucked up their watering/feeding so my plants went into lockout but she continued feeding them after ,so i flushed 4 plants last night , the 2 plants that are in veg gave me a reading of over 3000 ppm and the 2 other plants in week 4 of flower gave me a reading of 4000ppm and 1 was over 5000 ppm ,i flushed them out until i got readings of 400 to 600 ppm (it took awhile) .today my 2 plants in veg seem to be getter way better but cant say the same about the 2 in flower …….. my questions are *how much time does it normally take for a recovery and *how does flushing not drown or overwater the plants ?

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  5. My first year of growing went perfect without problem all seeds were females this year tho I've experienced a few problems majority of the seeds turned to be males so I pulled them out as far our the females this morning I noticed the same thing your plant has but only in 2 of the bottom branches I thought they were molding or early stages of bud rot so I pulled those 2 bottom branches out so I wouldn't risk jeopardizing the whole plant but now that Im watching this I should of just flushed it I wish I knew it was nutrient burn but now I know nutrient burn is only on the water leafs cuz if it were mold it would of been in the buds but now that I'm checkin the branch I pulled this morning looks green and frosty the water leafs are the only ones that are kinda dead dry so I guess ill hang these 2 see how they do as for there plant ima start flushing it tomorrow. How many days do I flush before adding nutrients again or should I just flush until harvest I got 4-5 weeks left before the cycles done

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