1. Hi guys. Why are the lights so far away from plants. Is it right that Mars Hydro have the Samsung lm301b leds, so put every plants together and hang the light deeper directly over plants.
    Thumb up for you guys.

  2. Just topped my bigger two plants . They aren’t growing super fast in the miracle grow . I would rip them out if I had more seeds . The ones I’m growing in normal soil that I made are showing good growth . It’s a testimony to why you never use miracle grow wish I could send pics u could use them for ur Chanel

  3. Those leaves look like afghani I grew in ‘87, fat stout plants with buds that looked like half a football. I topped them after the 5th node to keep’em short. They were uber minty/skunky and my house wreaked. It drove my wife mad. Grew from bag seed. I had grown Monkey Paw too but those just foxtailed

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