Professor Orrin Devinsky – Medicinal Cannabis

Professor Orrin Devinsky is one of the world experts in medicinal cannabis and was the keynote speaker at the recent ILAE Expert Day at Trinity College Dublin.

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  1. Orrin Devinsky, Daniel Friedman and Siddhartha Nadkarni are all currently under criminal investigation by the Insurance Commissioner of NY for fraud. This investigation was referred after being reviewed by two fraud investigators in the Attorney General's Office. I was retaliated against and threatened for reporting Siddhartha Nadkarni, Orrin Devinsky and Daniel Friedman who engaged in substantial unlawful conduct. I had to go to the authorities and outside agencies, because NYU Langone stonewalled and would not address the many violations of law, and did not elevate the matter to law enforcement as required by state and federal law. I also incurred spoliation of my medical record. The legal department at NYU Langone (Lynn Lowy, and Annette Johnson) failed in their fiduciary responsibility to protect patients and report dangerous doctors.

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