1. “I am a Christian, not because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity", but because there were people willing to be nuts and bolts." most profound statement in the movie and makes more sense than 10000 thousands of Sundays at church …..

  2. This deserves far more attention!!! I am sharing!! Music is more than just music that's for sure.

    What hit me most was the kid who had tried to kill himself and had failed even at that… I've been there so many times and found the tears pouring down my face after they had this talk.

    Later when the black guy said about Rich, "You know what a person is that doesn't want anything and doesn't fear anybody? Dangerous." That was after Rich walked out. And it also struck me.

    And then after all those years trying to talk to his dad and his dad finally almost reaches out to talk to him and then the next day dies. That's awful. This movie is heartwrenching. Then he does that one concert and just gets off the stage walks down the aisle and leaves… Damn… He's really going through it heavy like I am right now. I guess I'm not the only one having a nervous breakdown.

    The letter from his dad to him brought me to unstoppable tears. I know it was fiction but it could just as well have been something his father meant to say when he was going to talk to him on the phone but couldn't bring himself to do it, then died.

    Oh wow Rich Mullins died of a car crash at the end. And foresaw his own death..

  3. Hey recording director. I sent him to you. He will do his ministry's duty to me. And you will allow him to go out and come back. Go and come. Go and come. He will record when he comes. He will learn a new song Everytime he goes out. Don't threaten his exposer.

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