Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Techniques: Benefits of Compost Tea/ Dr. David White /Green Flower

Learn (and witness) the benefits of adding actively aerated compost tea to your cannabis grow as Green Flower goes on location to the verdant cannabis garden …


  1. If you use hq worm castings and compost why would you go through the trouble of brewing. Just put it on the soil and water. Soil isn't as highly oxygenated as your brew tank. You're creating an environment that isn't similar to your end system. The bacteria your cultivating wont be as good as the ones natural to your system.

  2. I've been growing since 14-48 now you're pants are very nice and I wanna Share this with you lighting bugs into Tennessee Mountain Mud/Unaka Mountain dirt spring water a dabble of bat poo and TLC Tennessee Red Haired Skunk now at 38% TAC levels Potentially Potent just wanted Your opinion on this mixture of madness I have created… Tennessee Tea.

  3. Let's be honest, what else but chemical ingredients such as phosphorus or nitrogen are in organic matter? The only difference is that the processes in organic farming are not so fast and direct drain and gentler.

  4. Most importantly in both endo and ect strains, amazing stuff if cannot make own own great white is a great product, use with enzymes. Had tomatoes and peppers in tropical summer with teas as well. Pura Vida?

  5. chicken poo slurry is able to be fed out one week from mixing with water. great results on everything i have put it on.
    find your free range chicken keeper and arrange to do a coup clean out. avoid commercial because they use butric acid to counter the ammonia.

  6. Grow great weed but my buds never dense they way I would like it on my auto's it trying calmag liquid nuiets then Chang in 3wks change to 2nd bottle forgetting then calmag bloom this time instead of just biobizz need to get nuiets on the money this time natural no LST or topping Nice dutch passion seeds blueberry kush love kush strains indica favorite nice vid ty

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