1. a buddy asked me a question . i didn't know the answer . is the stuff in the vape cart. the same thing that they put on moon rocks . i have seen them made with hash oil, honey oil and distalet . he's made them b4 with winterized hash oil .?? do you know . there are vape carts with honey oil in it .

  2. Expensive ecological nightmare,we don't need to be pushing these at all! Much better to wait till legal concentrate is up for sale for use with a good pen. Another great review,thanks Kink Caradine!

  3. Before i was comfortable getting high and smoking bud I got a cbd disposable pen by feelcbd on holdenherb for an obserd price of $80 just to try and calm my insanely high anxiety that i was feeling daily. The oil leaked out everywhere after a little bit and i got about half the puffs I should've. It tasted good atleast? But I definitely prefer smoking bud even it tastes a bit worse and burns the throat more.

  4. I did not realize it was 800mg per gram. I have to go look at our vape products now to see what we're actually working with. Not a single rep has mentioned this. Thank you for this!

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