1. Dear Russell,

    You are the Marla Sanger of jiu jitsu. People will leave the sport bc of people like you and fucking Logan Paul. Go away!!!!!!!! You PAID MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR A BELT. You are nothing. STOP RUINING MY FUCKING SPORT YOU DOUCHE BAG IDIOT. I know people that know you professionally, you are fake. Everyone knows you are fake. Every “sincere” thing you do is monetised to the max. There is no good in you. Go the fuck away.

  2. Russell Brand is a liberal coward and would have folded in the battle of Bastogne. But it was American blood that saved their country. Yeah it's a bit harsh. But we're all sit back watch when Islam takes over their entire continent.

  3. I've been training about a month and I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be propositioning higher ranks for rolls. Is this his gyms particular culture or is it ubiquitous? My gym is a fairly casual no-gi school

  4. I have, however, encountered a VERY stuck up bjj teacher before. Hurt one of our students badly. Only has a brown belt, somehow in a school, harps on how he's used his apparently ability in "real combat situations", such a big ego. I really wanted to fight him because I don't play by bjj rules when he wants to act like that.
    No finger locks? Nah son, welcome to China. We do those.

  5. Not trolling serious question, i plan to get fue hair transplant, i wanted to start bjj after it but obviously i need to wait for a bit till the scars heal etc, has anyone ever gotten a fue transplant and dome bjj? And how long would you need to wait?

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