1. Legalize it damn usually users aren't very pissy but with as much as it's been rejected from the table for years the denial of a safer product from the public as medicine or other wise is a little ridiculous when you got people hooked on opioids or whatever other body degrading legal drug the medical system prescribes it doesn't matter how much our public thinks it's all on our legislatures and usually they got their heads up their asses thinking it's 1950 tired of seeing people stuck with pharmaceutical bullshit dude asked what's realistic it'd be realistic for legislatures to wake up and see the scientific and financial aid it can bring to the state hell to the country if our own sorry ass government that can't agree on shit for the sake of it's people would wake up these dinosaurs need to start dropping put some fresh blood in office cause they're all living in the 90's it's 2020 time to stop manipulating the public for your own ill gotten gains

  2. We need to do this to push these pills out of here, giving the police, judicial, probation,and jails a break. In doing that focus could be placed on stamping out meth,heroine, cocaine,and worse. Revenue generated from taxation could be used for schools,roads,statewide medical insurance that prescribes opiates as an absolute last resort mainly basing its pain medications on marijuana derived products. With the farm bill along with legalization of marijuana could turn Tennessee back into the agricultural giant it once was.

  3. Yes, it will make a big difference in the state revenue, and opioid deaths will go down. I have a place in Durango Colorado, all crime went down across the board. We will get it legalized in Tennesse, and Bernie Sanders is going to a great president he will legalize it on the federal level.

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