Significant increase in cannabis-induced psychosis, mental health charity warns

With marijuana now legalized in Canada, a mental health charity has predicted a significant increase in cannabis-induced psychosis. Subscribe to CTV News to …


  1. I’m sorry y’all. I’ve been a weed advocate for years! But as of late every time I’ve smoked, it’s led to increased anxiety, and dysphoria. I really think there’s something wrong with this new legalized weed.

  2. This hustler hands out lethal drugs ,that have grave side effects ,for a living . Permanent side effects.
    Stop smoking pot and you’ll get over it. One pill from Big Pharma’s “candy man” and you can suffer death or even worse , a permanent living death until suicide.
    You have to educate your kids about booze and pot with truth. Not fairy tales.
    Legalization destroys the criminal profits. Prohibition enriched the mafia. What more do you need to know?

  3. EVERYONE who continues to spout propaganda like this is benefiting or profiting in some way, shape, or form from cannabis prohibition. Whether it is lobbying, funding, or whatever from conflicts of special interests.

  4. Oh Canadians, if you keep ignoring the facts, you'll end up facing fatal consequences. I have honestly been through psychosis from smoking marijuana and it takes a long time to recover from something like that. For me it took 2 years honestly. It's just as he said, if your susceptible to having psychotic episodes, there is a good chance you'll go through psychosis from smoking marijuana. Granted I did smoke daily for a 8 months to get to a point of psychosis, but it's not something to overlook.

  5. Daily use leads to a 2 to 3 fold increase in psychosis? Anyone know where he's getting that claim from?

    Why hasn't there been an increase in psychosis rates in the last 50 years, if cannabis use has increased in that time?

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