1. hey dude , see this is a kinda old video , but bascally have a simple question . So ive been a daily smoker for years and we all know the bad to that so ive stopped for like 23 days now of not smoking , very tempted to have a bong at the moment , so i just like to know if i had to smoke just one bong how likely would i fall back into my old routine ?

  2. people dont realize everyones different when it comes to weed. Personally ive tried to smoke weed everyday for the past 2 or 3 years and I feel like it set me back so far. My life revolved around trying to get high everyday instead of trying to improve myself and look towards the future. Currently a week sober and trying to go a month before I smoke again. I wanna know if you still take part in smoking sometimes and if you do, how many times do you think you smoke in a month or a week. truly can say ill never go back to those habits because now I just want to be the best version of myself. We need more people on youtube and other platforms spreading these kinda messages and stories because some people dont realize what this plant is really doing to them. Thanks for your words of advice man appreciate it.

  3. The hardest part for me is weed helps me. IT helps me move. I can smoke before tests, school, and work and I work more efficent. It helps me physically (no pain in my joints or limping), but I am 100% more productive while high and it helps control my adhd. What could I do??

  4. Alright guys, even if you do smoke it everyday, don't do it in the mornings and you will start to see a big difference. I appreciate the videos by the way, its a definite damper for some people, who would other wise grabbing life by the balls!

  5. I smoke weed everyday. Weed makes me feel good, I graduated college with 3.6 GPA smoked weed everyday, now I work for an insurance company I smoke ghost train haze and durban poison 4 times a day, I'm doing good. Weed is not bad, it's what you decide to do with your time when smoking weed that matters and defines your lifestyle

  6. See I smoke everyday but I’m fine. I never come to work high, I come to school high like once a week. I don’t feel slow but when I wanna smoke I get pissed but it goes away lmao.

  7. Videos like these is what’s going to motivate me to STOP SMOKING instead of friends encouraging me.
    -everything you said from social, realizing the lack of etc, waking up and lighting one up and realizing progress your not making.
    I been smoking 4-6 blunts a day for the last 10 years

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