Sparks Fly At Third Dem Debate – Colbert's LIVE Monologue

Stephen Colbert uses his LIVE Late Show monologue to break down the highlights of tonight’s Democratic Presidential Debate, including the results of the first …


  1. The booker joke killed me actually i wasnt expecting that , these shows want biden to win so bad, its gonna be a pleasure to watch trump get 2nd term if biden is the democratic nominee , the democrats will never learn, apperantly Trump becoming president wasnt a wake up call enough.

  2. "phlegmsalvania"? The writers should go work the for tRUMP administration. If the facts don't fit the joke, just make shit up. Senator Sanders is from VERMONT. What the hell, neither state is NYC so it really doesn't matter. Colbert sucks, he's a one trick pony.

  3. Berni is too old ,and always angry . He needs free healthcare desperately.
    Biden is always forgotten to say the right words .
    Yang thinks everything will happen with the money.
    Latinos are not fit to be a president . Look what they have done to Mexico.
    Beto has a big mouth . Hope he will not be shot.
    Harris has a dirty mouth . It’s not presidential speech *Little dude *.
    Warren has hypertension . She needs to see psychiatrist.
    Cory Book is Fast and Furious. He should be in ICE instead.
    Amy looks like she needs help herself.
    So no democrat will win in 2020 ?

  4. "Everything revolves around the almighty dollar" was a fact, not a moral argument. Was Colbert hoping Yang wish that away rather than work within the system? Not a good look Colbert.

  5. Betto….Does the Second Amendment mean anything to you? You so easily think that removing guns from millions of responsible gun owners who have not and will not go on a shooting rampage will solve the real issue of mental health deficiency? The ratio of responsible gun owners to mentally sick individuals who have gone off the rails, is staggering. These mentally ill individuals will use any means possible to cause the harm they want to inflict, be it guns, cars, bombs, who knows where their sick minds deviate to. Instead of jumping on that "they love the gun control" issue which you think will give you the win, you should focus on the real issue if you want to make some difference. Because, the "hell yea we are coming for your guns" is not gonna work out real well. No gun owners are saying.."ok Beto…here you go". But don't you have body guards around you that carry guns? How dare you think that your security is more important than the rest of us!!!

  6. Well, "the guy in 'The wizard of Oz' " is probably the correct way of saying it. For "the wizard of Oz" was a fictional character even in their fictional universe. The small dude was pretending to be him, but there is no wizard of oz. There is only the small dude.
    Whereas, in Rambo, the guy in Rambo is actually Rambo. But, funny joke I guess.

    10:00 This guy clearly never heard of being caught up in a war without starting it.
    "Do you have a time machine?" Another "funny" joke, but for all I know, his point with that statement was: "Well it sux that it was actually started. Now we have to be "caught up" in it and deal with it appropriately. Though ideally, I should never have even happened."

  7. The Day After Tomorrow can't be today. Number one, it was a shitty movie. Number two, nothing that rapid and cold has even been seen in Antarctica. And number three, it was a shitty movie. I'm not downplaying the climate problem, just Hollywood's interpretation of it. Let us not borrow inspiration from shitty movies for real life events.

  8. I’m sorry but Biden just doesn’t seem in fit condition to become president, my man is really old and forgetful. But you and Obama were a great combo while it lasted

  9. I understand treating all of them equally, but Stephen is better than making fun of people for things they cannot help, especially someone working as hard as Bernie Sanders.

  10. Colbert was too hard with Kamala Harris. So she said the guy in "The Wizard of Oz". The point was, he wasn't a wizard at all, just a con artist, which is exactly what Trumpf is.

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