Srbuk – Walking Out – Armenia ?? – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2019

Add or download the song to your own playlist: Srbuk will represent Armenia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel …


  1. No wonder no professional in Armenia is ready to go to Eurovision! Was checking the list for this year and they are all amateurs. Friendly voting by the so-called jury is destroying the competition.

  2. In my opinion I never got surprised when this stayed out of the Grand Final. Srbuk has a GREAT voice but this song can easily be forgotten. This is not bad at all. This is a good song. But the public cannot vote for a simply good song. It has nothing different and interesting imo. My vote for this song is 6/10.

  3. This song was one of my favorite, but I doubt that her english pronunciation wasn't that good in live show, which is why I didn't understood what she was singing (Note! I didn't read the lyrics before the live show, this was my first impresion when I saw the live show)

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