Supposed Moldy CBD Products? Let’s See!//Fashionsta The Box November 2019

This is the November 2019 unboxing of Fashionsta Box aka The Box by Fashionsta, and in this video we are breaking out the microscope to investigate claims …


  1. How much was the palette and the name of it again. I wish you could've swatched a couple colors because it looked so beautiful and I want to buy it but I need to know if they're Buttery??? lol No But Seriously

  2. I ordered this and got off the waitlist the first part of November. I paid and by Dec 8th still hadn’t received the November box. Plus, they attempted to charge me for December box before I ever received the first box I paid for. Luckily my credit card was expired and they couldn’t charge for December. I reached out to them and asked where in the hell was my first box and that I would never pay for a second prior to receiving the first. They wrote back and refunded me for November. No sending me another box… nothing. I told them to go to Hell! So I paid — never received and they didn’t care at all just refunded me. This is the worst company and box. I would say don’t bother with them. They are and will fail.

  3. That was so cool to see. I watched your video about coming to personally give a winner their makeup goodies from one of your giveaways. I live in Louisville Ky. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win and of course get the opportunity to meet u. I am coming up on one year sober after losing my home, my children and almost my life and I am starting a new chapter in my life. I was sober 8 yrs before and I got diagnosed w Multiple Sclerosis and had to start taking pain meds and thats all it took. It took me 5 yrs to get back to living the right way. I have 2 boys. They r 16 and 18. My oldest has lived w his dad for the last 4 yrs and is now in college. He has been out of state all this time. My youngest is 10 min from me but is still hesitant to see me or talk to me. I havent seen him in 4 yrs. They went to go visit their dads and while they were gone I was told to wait for the papers in the mail because they were being taken from me. I lost it after that. They were just gone. I was a single mom for 14 yrs. We had a great life. I graduated college and they kept good grades. I owned my own home for 7 yrs but lost it during my relapse. I am now a 42 yr old woman living w my momma again. Starting over again. I fight everyday to find a way to live wout my babies bit I know they r safe and happy so I'm just doing my best to keep going. I say all that to say this. I want to start my own channel. I'm DYING to do it. I thought it would be pretty cool if I got to be the one you come visit and I could sit down with you and talk. Get some pointers from one of my favorite people to watch. That would be AMAZING! and of course I WOULD LOVE TO WIN A GIVEAWAY. YA GIRL NEVER WINS A THING! It would be so cool to meet you and hang out for a lil' bit. I want a channel because I want a platform to bring awareness to MS, Addiction and of course makeup, fashion, subscription boxes and all that. I just have no idea where to start. What equipment to use. Nothing. Would love to do a video w u but I'm not sure how all that works. I would be so excited if u came to Louisville. U can find me on IG @loyaltbeauty come give me a follow. Would love to have you. Sorry for the long msg. Hope u have a FABULOUS day girl! Keep doin the damn thang.

  4. The Box weighs 3.2 ounces. You should join the Fashionsta facebook page. Shadi (the owner) does a live video(s) every month. I absolutely love your videos Alexandra! Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. I was getting the fashionsta box up until this month I did get this box but unsubscribed because I have too many sub boxes right now and it’s a little tight around the holidays ? but I loved everything in this months box! I’m sure I’ll resubscribe after the holidays ?

  6. I’ve been wanting to try this box since it came out but it seems like I’ve been on a waitlist ever since I signed up for it and I still haven’t been taken off the list. I’m starting to think this subscription is a scam ? am I ever going to be taken off the waitlist ??

  7. Hey Alexandria!!?I noticed The Box shipped later than usual for the November box lol!! I think it's a pretty good box overall, I LOVE the hair serum the bottle itself is beautiful and Luxe, I'm loving getting hair products lately, I received a deep conditioning conditioner mask from my Glossybox box a few months ago and I LOVE it and it's almost gone I think I have one more use out of it and then it's gone I have to find out where to get it bcuz it is AMAZING and my hair is so soft, shiny and bouncy it also keeps my hair from getting frizzy!! I can't think of the name right now but that conditioner is AMAZING!! The mold problem was fixed according to what I've heard and read, I think that's why our boxes came so late is bcuz they were fixing the mold problem before boxes were shipped out lol, but it's always best to look and be safe than to use it and it's moldy!! I can't wait to use it though!! TFS your unboxing with us and I'll see you in another video soon!!? I hope you have a great evening!!?

  8. I think if I found any mold in a CBC cream I’d be like “meh, that’s just the Cbd”
    And then most likely die or end up in the hospital because if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all ?

  9. I have just recently gotten into more all natural products and being wary of ingredients. I got the “think dirty” app on my phone so I can scan labels of products and I was SHOKED at how many items were really awful for you. I am slowly but surely switching to healthier products. It makes me sick how many have ingredients here in the US that are banned in Europe and other countries ??!!!

  10. Hope some of those moldy rumors are quelled now. That scrub looks really nice to me !!!!! It's good to make sure the products we're using are good, not expired, used, etc., but I think we need to not go overboard with looking for problems in every product we get. We have JH to thank for a lot of this 😉 Your microscope does a good job. It's images are very clear.
    Thanks so much Alex. Have a wonderful, fabulous week ❤ Hugs !!!!!

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