Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria's cough syrup crisis – BBC Africa Eye documentary

In Nigeria, thousands of young people are addicted to codeine cough syrup – a medicine that’s become a street drug. The Nigerian senate estimates that 3 …


  1. There is corruption in too many counties. Once you follow the money you find the poison that persist in each area. It's a reality for us all. Just because a devil puts on a suit doesn't make him anything else but a well dressed devil.

  2. makes no sense! codeine has no effect in itself but the liver produces an enzyme that converts it to morphine at about 10% efficiency but only produces enough to convert a max of about 300mg into about 30mg of morphia. Why don't they just use opium or morphine? poppies will grow there and processing the opium into morphine is childs' play! Such morons in africa.

  3. BBC is a bad channel to the extend and the most corrupt channel ever see in the world… even though this thing is real, they Always show up the BAD side of African in particular they Never show the GOOD side of Africa in every Documentary shame on you BBC fake channel Enemies of African go to Europe and Asian it still the same try to do justice to All and show even the GOOD sides sometimes

  4. Fucking idiots using it in public at the bar, y’all need to be beating the piss out of anybody you see doing this stuff. 57 of my friends died from addiction last year alone in Baltimore city Usa fifty fucking seven. And I am struggling everyday to stay clean. The doctor in this video is so right, I weep for their nation as well, because they truly don’t know what addiction is going to lead to… when it takes every friend you’ve ever had and leaves you completely alone you will regret ever touching it. I wish I would’ve never made it this far to see the effects, I’d trade myself for anyone I’ve lost in a heartbeat

  5. Same stupid people in here are worried about this lady makeup which is not important at all she is doing great job better the so call government she is doing theri Job may Allah bless you and keep you safe sister

  6. Prohibition is the cause of ALL the issues re crime, prostitution for funds or "syrup", organised crime,social stigma and the copying of the DEA style "war on drugs" are a waste of public funds (not already siphoned by corruption), involvement of organised crime,violence etc etc.
    .Why they don't just use Heroin or Morphia but settle for weak codeine, let alone gross sickly thick syrup (with flavorings and who knows what else apart from codeine-which is the weakest opiate anyways, and thus I presume why large amounts are trafficked,consumed-supply and demand as with any product or service- is perplexing.
    It is, and should be in all countries(but obviously is not)treated solely as a health issue.
    Pre prohibition society functioned just fine-albeit non african.
    Prohibition is a failure and disgrace, creating this whole situation.It is obvious and logical.

  7. making a big deal out of nothing, codeine cough syrup is one of the safest drug out there….it's not like heroin, krokodile, yaba, ice, coke, crack, meth or even alcohol and kaat…..

  8. People of Nigeria needs a politics honest and that really has a heart for Nigerians love his country and his people and start sweeping the corruption fron top to bottom all the way down like people sweep the stair case!! This big companies exist because under tables there's a lot bussines going on! .remove to this companies any licences to operate legally and increase the justice's laws to punish them hard doctor. Pharmaceuticals. Business owners. Especially politics hig Rankin position (O CORRUPTION) NO TOLERANCE FOR NOBODY!! AND GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA ABOUT THIS ADDICTION PROBLEM AND THE CCONSECUENCES!!!! WILL TAKE TIME TO SEE RESULTS BUT 100% SURE THAT THIS PATTERN WILL WORK FOR GOOD TO MY BROTHER'S FROM NIGERIA GREETINGS FROM MEXICO PRAY FOR YOU GUY'S!!!!!!!

  9. codeine is like the lowest level opiate you can get its shit they give kids for low level pain i dont see how there people are easily getting hooked on it i used to be on pain pills like oxy and this shit aint even know where near as stong as that

  10. ?Sippin' on some sizzurp…?????Boy oh boy….?‍♀️Is there nothing better to do in that country than scam foreigners and get wasted on that purple drink? Wicked! Smh…lol I don't feel sorry for none of them…???

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