1. didn't feel anything from this video
    didn't find anything from any of this ingeneal
    i guess i'm as emotionless and feelingless for anything as it can get at this point, i'm not sure if its a good or bad thing but i guess i don't care for other people including myself and family
    all i do is waiting for the day i die so i can get done with everything.

    that was my random comment, have a good day everyone xd

  2. 47:45 Damn that was such a wonderful thing to see. How Reckful went from being so hurt by those memories that he lost control of his body, then try to deny he could even describe what he felt and regaining control of his body and thoughts in a matter of seconds. Fucking Impressive. You help people do magic.

  3. "People who play videogames are the same type of people to get tattoos".. welp Im sitting here playing Minecraft, and I do have tattoos, so I guess she was right? kek

  4. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like my health bar went up a little bit after watching this.

    The AOE heals are working. Let's heal everybody up before we get to the next boss fight, and we can take it together.

  5. Wow , what an incredible and powerful conversation! I can't believe they don't even touch on any of these important topics in school. Finding your purpose(or Dharma, even though they are not the same), learning how our brains work, getting to know ourselves are some of the most important things in life and at 28 years old I feel like I've barely scratched the surface on any of these. The sad thing is I've tried a lot harder to learn these things than most people and still feel like I haven't made much progress. Can anyone make any recommendations and help me please? Is travelling helpful? Should I read books? Start becoming more spiritual?

  6. Kanojia is a crook, he is not a harvard alumni. He is a charalatan pretending to have authority. He is a religious moron believing in superstitious nonsense lying to people for a living.

  7. Reincarnation imo doesn't make sense insofar as it would imply that the amount of living creatures is a constant (closed life cycle). Even if you think the goal is to reach a certain state to be freed of coming back (as in Nirvana) it still doesn't explain the constantly growing amount of living creatures. Constant population growth (up to an amount that our earth is still able to sustain resource wise) on earth is a claim of me that i would have to prove i guess. The question also is who is part of the open cycle of life so to speak. Are bacteria part of it or not? If anything the amount of living creatures would have to converge towards zero because everyone would eventually reach the state of Nirvana.

    Other than that the meditation part of Buddhism certainly seems to be a great tool to come at peace with oneself. People that do not follow the philosophy of Buddhism but do meditate report great improvement of the state of their mind (healthy mind, healthy body). I myself want to dabble in mindfulness but i have yet to try. Sam Harris made me consider it.

  8. It's just like you said Dr. K, us new generation of people that associate ourselves as "gamers" are almost like pioneers in untested waters, I don't think we have as a species has ever had this much/easy ways of stimuli. I'm just waiting for the gaming addict centrers to open where we can all live happily ever after pepehanding IRL together like complete lunatics

  9. 9:21 This is a really weird theory, because if you think about the times when we use probability as a tool it's always when we have incomplete information. If you flip a coin you say it has a 50/50 chance to land heads or tails, but we know that those probabilities are just substitutes for our lack of understanding about the exact physics of the coin toss. To say "reality exists as a probability" is a really strange statement because it basically means "reality exists as an educated guess".. like, probabilities aren't some ethereal force they're a mathematical tool we use to understand incomplete systems.

  10. At 53:01 i started crying so hard. I finnaly realised why i have been depressed for 10 years. I am thankfull that i could somehow watch this video and finnaly understand myself more. I love how you use your time to help people like reckfull and me.

  11. Just a brief look into comment section tells everything. Overwhelmingly positive feedback and many even report crying over this. Invaluable work man, this really reinforces will to become a psychologist or psychiatrist myself.

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