The 2020 New Hampshire Primary: Live updates and results (FULL LIVE STREAM)

On Feb. 11, voters will head to the polls in New Hampshire, potentially narrowing the Democratic presidential field. Since the Iowa caucuses on Feb.


  1. Regarding the pundits "concern" for the Sanders' similar base voters as in 2016 if it isn't apparent that he would've beat Trump in 2016 ( if the DNC doesn't shyster him again) it will be proven in November

  2. Sono un italiano e faccio il tifo per Biden. Mi pare però un errore: 1) non ringraziare gli elettori che hanno votato per lui in Iowa e in New Hampshire 2) rimandare la vittoria alle prossime primarie, contando sui voti della classe operaia e delle minoranze etniche: ma non è questo l'elettorato di Sanders?

  3. Can someone direct me the facts of total voters collective of the dems versus the Boss? I would very much like to see that in Iowa but for some reason that direct information as a citizen I cannot find . After all proof in the pudding. Thanks

  4. Sanders supporters booing Buttigieg's face shown on screen is just not cool, while Pete's supporter saying good things about Bernie, they show no class when supporting their favourite.

  5. He’s not walking anything back because one, he has balls, and two, he’s going to trust the electorate’s intelligence and that it will come to the revelation that he’s speaking the truth. I am 66, “Medicare for all!”

  6. People in Florida didn't experience socialism, I get that it's a reference to the cold war or in the case of Cubans again actual communism maybe, but it's not even slightly accurate to what Bernie is proposing. Also it's more likely Pete suddenly pretends to be progressive than Sanders abandoning his main policy proposals to win over moderates who thanks to this type of media coverage still 40 years on don't know the difference between Democratic Socialism and Totalitarian Communism.

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