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  2. go home migrants..you bring nothing..you want everything free..you will turn this country into the very type of country you left..  fix your own country stop being cowards..America fought for everything we have..why cant you do that in your country??!!! stop walking away from your responsibilitis as a citizen..

  3. don't vote for a woman just because you are a woman..vote for the guy with the best agendas..you cant vote for someone just to get one  good thing when they want to do a billion other bad things..one out of a billion?

  4. women should not vote for warren based on the fact shes an embarrassment to women..she sets us back just lke Clinton and aoc and polosi and all the rest of them..they need their own classification..or we need one that weeds them out..we already know they are crazy..

  5. Are you globalist too 700 club because I am really starting to think so ! THERE IS NO VIABLE CANDIDATE FOR THE DEMOCRATS ! Why do you as a Christian channel just recycle the lying slanderous news ! The Bible speaks of slander !!!

  6. democrats sit down already..liars deceivers..crooks..thieves..you hate this country..if you didn't hate this country you wouldn't promote open borders and place the actual citizens behind illegals..

  7. That migration of Africans is the doings of Soros & his ilk, NWO, Globalism, not families financing this travel as CBN reported yesterday, and they know it. Millions from Africa brought into Europe, now these forces are doing that to America. CBN doesn't want to speak on that, too controversial, I guess. Wish reporters, journalist would come clean with ALL the facts. American is already in debt by $22 trillion. Are we going to continuing borrowing to pay out the 10s of billions of welfare every year for all these mass migrations?….

  8. Warren lied about being Native American on her applications to University of Pensilvania….

    Reminds me of Hillary when she said she arrived in Bosnia “under sniper fire” and a video clearly shows her arriving with her daughter and people welcoming her. 12 years later states that she “misspoke”

    I vote not because of race or gender and especially ones with this type of character.

    OAN news for me. The one new network that people from both sides of the isle can watch either through YouTube or TV.

    God bless the CBN team your followers.?

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