The BEST CITIES to Live in AMERICA for 2020

Sadly, there aren’t many places like these left in America. The places we’re going to talk about in THIS video are great. Mostly. They’re growing fast, they have …


  1. I've lived in Chicago all of my life. I want to move it's definitely time for a change. I watch you and Briggs videos to help me on my search. But the search is very hard. I came to a roadblock. If anyone can help with some suggestions on actual experience in living in a great city it's greatly appreciated. Like I have experience in living in Chicago. So I can literally tell you all the pros and cons of living here. And I'll address a major con! Chicago is NOT as violent as the media and people make it seem. What they don't tell you is how BIG Chicago is an how the violence isn't in the entire city. Like a metaphor. Take your paycheck. The city of Chicago is your Gross pay. So altogether it's good. The violence and other things that make Chicago bad is your taxes withheld. It makes you mad and there's nothing you can do about it. So you just deal with it. The rest of the city is your net pay. Most of the city is great!
    If you like diversity, arts and culture, GOOD FOOD, scenic views, live music, good paying jobs, nightlife, great public transportation, summertime festivals constantly, good universities and private schools, a variety of sports including women's basketball and a soccer team then Chicago is your place. You need to make at least 60k as and individual to live comfortably here. I make 40k and I'm just getting by with no kids or car note. As far as violence goes, there are maybe 25 neighborhoods that are bad! That's a lot of neighborhoods right? Well there are 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. So MOST of the city is good. If you don't work, live or hardly hang out in the bad neighborhoods, you have to learn which one's they are, you're safe. Traffic is horrible and the streets are reggety in half the city. The winter season last longer and overlaps into other seasons. Our winter's are literally from November to April. December January and February are the worst months. If you can't tolerate the cold DO NOT MOVE HERE. If you are a driver and you commute often and hate traffic, DO NOT MOVE HERE. If you make under 30k a year, you will not be happy here! Can someone break their city down. And I don't mean a good suburb of a major city. I mean a major city! Please. If anyone has any questions about Chicago I can give you real answers! Even if you are just visiting.

  2. I would disagree.
    Why would anyone other than a white person want to live in Iowa?
    I would be more comfortable in Baltimore.
    It’s all perspective and white doesn’t amount to right.

    The perspective of this sight sucks.
    You have to white and afraid to relate.

  3. Nick, you are hilarious your videos are so entertaining and educational at the same time. I became addicted to them and you should be a comedian. I agree with Minnesota being a great place for job opportunities, I lived there for five years and was never broke. They have temp jobs services there that let you work that day and get paid on the same day at the end of your shift. They have one of the best healthcare systems for everyone including the poor and impoverish. I didn't like all the cold weather and snow but I was never broke when I lived there. Thank you for your videos!

  4. Don't think I'd care to live in any of those places except for maybe Portland, Maine. I liked it visiting the area. And I'm still snickering at Des Moines, Iowa. Although San Diego is very expensive, it's #1 to me. Other cities high for me is Phoenix and Seattle.

  5. I would rather not stay in the US you don’t even get any paid vacation holidays, I’m not long back from Spain was away for two weeks and my job paid me the two weeks I was away enjoying myself health care system in the US is so fucked up aswell, just couldn’t deal with the stress, life in Europe’s so much better, I’ve got an American friend that moved over here 4years ago for free University, he actually moved over here and says he could never move back home, his mum and my mum now best friends??

  6. You’re right about Denver, Colorado being in the Top 10! However! Denver is the real #1. I should know! I’ve been there! And plus! I am hoping to live there because of they’re honesty & caring & way less rain. Unlike where I live where they are selfish, careless, clueless and dishonest and also have Continuous Rain.

  7. What Your Mouth about saying Ghetto of Durham N.C. You ever heard or know about the Term Redlining…You think people dream to live in Poverty Stricken “Ghettos”…..I expect You to be Understanding, since Your Channel is about Quality of Life in US Cities…are these cities Great for Who? I was almost a new subscriber

  8. I lived in Austin most of my life and moved away five years ago at the end of this month.

    You could not pay me enough to move back there.

    I tired of the horrific traffic congestion (one Sunday afternoon, it took me 55 minutes to drive th 12 miles from my church in downtown Austin to our home in Circle C): the property taxes which rose over $1000/year for each of the last eleven years we lived there; the infernally condescending attitude younger Austinites have towards senior citizens and people who are not affluent (and young) — plus the fact that I'm a classically-trained composer and in six decades living in Austin, I got to hear my own music just a handful of times.

    We moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2015. I have heard my music played an average of four times a year since we moved here. Indianapolis has a world class symphony, early music groups, and all the choral and chamber music one could ever want to hear. Indianapolis is a foodie paradise.

    Yeah, it gets cold in Indianapolis in the winter. The worst cold lasts about six weeks. Try months of unrelenting 100º weather — humid 100º weather, at that — and nighttime temperatures which never drop below 80º from June to the middle of September. That's Austin summer: steam-baked, par-broiled HELL.

    Austin: you can keep your attitude, your outrageous cost of living, your meanness, your heat and your traffic congestion. I won't be back.

  9. i didn’t realize people consider overland park cheap. it’s one of the most expensive places to live in kansas driving many to western kansas. you should do a video about wichita kansas, one of the highest numbers for sex trafficking in a city ? crime is bad, many neighborhoods are rundown. a place i’ve never been allowed to go because of how dangerous the statistics are

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