1. im a minor vaper that smoked but can’t get acces on nicotine gum or patch and the vape was the only option ? so yeah i vape on real certified liquide and a joyetech penguin and a e liquid d50 from dlice so yeah this saved my health if you dont smoke DONT vape

  2. Vaping helped me quit smoking. I was a heavy smoker for 8 years and my birth mom smoked all 9 months she was pregnant with me. I’m lucky to be alive, sadly born an addict.

    This crap has got to stop. Stop telling lies.

  3. The comments here suggest people have the attention span of a gnat. This video is not about Basic Vaping. It's about the crazy crap some people are adding to their vape. Perhaps also about someone the didgy home made Juices being sold on the street corner etc. It is not Raggin on basic vaping.

  4. Calm down people. This Doctor is not saying Vaping is bad. He is saying some of the extra Crap we putting in it is Bad! Listen carefully for once. Play "Devils Advocate for once"! Also, believing that everyone else is lying or biased (regardless if they are or are not) is NOT a cure for health problems.

  5. I am an every day (all day) vaper since 2014 (6 years). before that, I was a long time smoker. I tried everything to quit. I was unable to quit Cigarettes until Vaping. However, I TOTALLY SUPPORT WHAT THIS DOCTOR IS TRYING TO SAY! He is not saying Vaping in and of its self is bad. It's all the other crazy crap being added to Vape that's bad. Personally though, I have some serious concerns about brand new coils. I like to do at least 3 high Wattage Burns before I inhale anything via that coil. I worry that anything from chemical treatments, cleaning chemicals & micron-sized metal particles may still be present on a brand new coil. When fired for the first time some of these chemicals and metals may be vapourised then inhaled and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be good. I'm not saying Vaping is bad, but until we know more, just calm down, try and use some common sense and do it as safely as you can. There's no need to rag on someone who is not ragging on you, but merely trying to help. That's all this Doc is trying to do. Good Video IMO. I still vape, I show NO signs of Respiratory distress. I am certainly healthier and happier than I was when I was smoking cigarettes. I also have more money as the Tax on Australian sold cigarettes is massive (as it should be). I do NOT add anything other than a small amount of flavoring (been using the same brand from the same source since I started) to my VG & PG (Base Liq2uid) I do NOt add Vitamin E, I do NOt add any Marijuana Products. I fear these and others are the source of the respiratory diseases some people are contracting. I don't know what the long term affects of this will be. none of us do….yet.

  6. this is absolutely false. Lung issues are on the rise from black market thc carts or cheap gas station E Liquids. Popcorn lung is made from diacetyl . Which you will not find in ANY authorized e liquid manufacturers. Please stop the false reporting docs. You have a medical degree. Use your brains

  7. I vaped since I was like 15, I’m 20 now.
    Past 2 years I’ve been vaping very high MG, pretty constantly, and I just stopped all together, and I’m not gonna lie, my skin is glowing more, my mouth is way less dry, my literal breathing/stamina already feels better, and I have less anxiety/ more calmness/one less thing to worry about. Also I have more money now.


    Starting to think vaping is kind of a pointless, costly hobby, that doesn’t do anything for anybody but bad.
    Just cause everyone does it doesn’t mean I should.

  8. I like how there are no ads talking about the dangers of cigarettes and the fact that thousands of people die each year from smoking
    But a kid experiments with E-cigarettes, dies and all of a sudden E-cigarettes are worse than regular cigarettes?

  9. Vaping what? They are not clear in this video. Vaping dry herb instead of juice or resin is not the same. Dry herb does not have the sticky residues the manmade vape products do.

  10. Ban hypodermic needles, they are used for all manner of illicit activities, cars kill a lot of young people so ban them also, what about alcohol? Some young people are just reckless. So sacrifice the millions of people benefiting from it to protect a few morons from themselves. How do you sleep at night?

  11. I just really wish they took out the smoke and vaping stuff… IT WOULD BE A PEACEFUL LIFE WITHOUT IT!!! AND THATS MY THEORY! TRY TO BEAT ME VAPORS!! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!! being a vapor can be a thing where it could just leave you in the hospital which will make you take some other risks to get out of it.. that's what I think

  12. Vaping laws in the UK are different than the USA the UK has more regulations on what is allowed in vape liquid unlike the USA where they just put anything in them all ingredients and substances must be submitted then approved before going on sale

  13. Bull?
    I quit smoking and I started vaping from 2010 till today, annual checkups shows my lung better and better every year! Doctor showed me all my tests together from 2010-2019 every year better efficiency ? after the tests doctor said “your lung conditions are like 22y old”! (Im over 40’)
    Ps. Find other way to turn people to tobacco industry, cuz this gibberish doesn’t work. ?

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