1. How's this ever going to change when Big Pharma owns Congress? Congress is bought and paid for by Big Pharma and the corruption will not end. Deep pockets provide the re-election campaign funds for much of Congress and they are not going to punish Big Pharma. When you start seeing these liars and law breakers going to prison, it might make a difference. Otherwise your only course of action is to get healthier and stay as healthy as you can and avoid having to fall prey to the "death" grip that Big Pharma has on the medical system.

  2. US insurance companies obviously have an economic incentive to lower drug prices. I think you're saying can't do it b/c they don't represent enough consumers and thus lack sufficient clout to force the prices down, yes?

  3. Insurance companies are the problem. They are the real enemy of the people. Drug companies would be forced to drop prices if people (not insurance companies) could compare the cost of procedures fairly and find the deals themselves. How many hospitals and private practices surprise you with bills sometimes months later, and without warning? How many of them tell you the total cost before you walk in the door? In America.. 0.

  4. Single payer in the USA will never happen. Because there are people in the country who would rather die than pay extra taxes, that may stop them from faking looking rich.

  5. I think there are still a lot of people in America who are adamant in voting for candidates who are paid by Big Pharma, and don't support a single payer system. And not even JUST trump supporters. Getting America to support a better health care system is like pulling teeth. They'd like a better health care system, but they don't want to vote for the people who will give it for them. Makes plenty of sense lol.

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