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In this episode of The Scoop, we find out if CBD can help dogs with anxiety. Use discount code SCOOP20 at for 20% off! The Pet Collective …


  1. The dog probably isn’t “afraid” of the vacuum, they run at a frequency that annoys most dogs… kinda like when they howl at sirens. They (vacuums) can irritate a dogs hearing, most will get over it and tolerate it, mine leaves the room…he used to bark at it while it was running, like he was “afraid” of it…then he realized that wouldn’t stop it, so now he leaves the room.

  2. Anyone who says this is animal abuse, is wrong. She checked with her vet, she even mentions it twice, to check with your veterinarian. I’ve worked in dog care for 3 years, plenty of owners will use CBD products for anxiety, arthritis, and even some neurological disorders such as seizures. It’s very useful and effective, and rarely has any side effects. I’ve seen one dog have a side effect to it and all it was was excessive drinking, which the vet was made aware of and they lowered the dose, problem solved. Many pet companies will actually make doggy CBD products, most popular of which being the CBD honey sticks. It’s 100% dog safe and all natural. No animal abuse here. If you think this is abuse, then you may as well think medicating a seizure dog is abuse as well.

  3. I’ve found that Lavender and Copaiba in a diffuser work great for my two Shin Tzus.
    I’ve tried cbd oil a few times last year but switched to doterra lavender and copaiba oils because I was uncomfortable with not knowing if it’s 100% safe. Doterra is all natural 100% certified therapeutic grade and I know what’s in it and where it comes from. Also I use these myself everyday.?

  4. I feel like behavior training alongside the cbd would be a win for you guy's. Not just cbd..
    Thanks for the commercial.
    ? & the company commenting on each post in the way they are is embarrassing.
    Also, if this channel is going to start turning into one big commercial (which might I ad they need to disclose to the viewer's it's an AD)
    I'm unsubscribing quick fast and in a hurry.

  5. Don't give your dog CBD oil yet. There's been no real scientific study yet, only that they aren't sure if it helps or just makes your pet not care. And check your pet specific product dosage. Love your animals first and what's safe ❤

  6. We use it for our 13 year old dog. In the past few years she has gotten older and more achy and less active. She has been doing so much better since. More appetite, more active and just generally happier.

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