The Ultimate Gold Forecast For 2020!

The Ultimate Gold Forecast for 2020! This video is from the VRIC 2020 conference hosted by Cambridge House. In it, Daniela Cambone (Kitco News), Frank …


  1. Schiffs loss of his bitcoin was straight up money laundering on his behalf, He said he lost his password, but then said the bitcoin was gone. If no one knows the password, the bitcoin cannot move from the wallet. The only way to prove he is not laundering is to tell us what the wallet address is.

  2. These guys always say the same thing!!! Buy gold , buy gold stocks, when the market crashes you will be ready. Nonsense, if the market crashes the only thing that will save you is "CASH". All stocks including gold stocks will go down. No one believes these guys any more, that is why (as one speaker noted), all you have left in the gold stock space are traders.

  3. Peter: "As Rick said it's irrational so we can continue until it can't."

    Rick: "Peter, I didn't say it was irrational, I said I didn't understand it."

    Peter: "That's because if it was rational, then you could understand it."

  4. In my opinion , gold will only go up in price , but why aren’t people talking about silver , all electronic application , industrial applications and military application use silver , A single missile production requires 40 to 60 ounces of silver , and that’s just military application for one single missel , and it’s only used once , their are 4.5 billion ounces of silver around the world and people have consumed 40 percent which leaves us with 2.45 billion ounces , 45% of that silver went in landfills , I can only imagine what will happen when the demand for silver go up , it will surely surpass gold , because of high demand in all applications .

  5. Crypto has a place. Maybe like a Paypal. Not as fiat. Unless we want some unknown dictator somewhere watching our every move and "allowing" us to buy food. We need to keep crypto as a tool and not as a dictator. Already the Chinese are seeing how their overlords won't let them buy gum.

  6. I always agree with Peter Schiff ,but you can tell when the bubble pops. Key support levels are always broken and rallied back up to and fail causing a lower high then a new low created. Markets don't go straight down so you have time when it does crash. Also, listen to the news for mortgage company bankruptcies and bank closings while this is happening. This will mean that the Fed is drying up liquidity and the shadow companies are not able to borrow money to stay open. Right now the pumps are primed for stock market rallies. 1) Low interest rates making savings accounts unattractive. 2) Bonds being bought up by the Fed making bond yields unattractive. 3) Corporate stock buybacks using cheap money from the Fed. So the only place that an investor can make a return is in the stock market. But you need to learn technical analysis and central banking.

  7. “The world prefers gold to dollars.” I like that comment. ? p.s. The stock market is not in a bubble. If you are not in the stock market, you missed out on an opportunity to grow your wealth over the past 11 years. Will it correct at some time? Of course, that’s what financial markets do. Also, to me, comparing today’s stock market to the past bubble is just down right wrong. The stock market is good and so are precious metals investments. There should be a place for both in most investors portfolios and both come with risks and rewards.

  8. When I hear things like "investors in the gold space", what the hell does that mean? Is that a bunch of speculators in the paper "gold" market, or real investors investing in real, physical gold?

  9. I'm all for gold and cripto .I have made money with physical gold.i have made money with cripto.i have put lots into gold mining stock and the price of gold goes up .in a good mining stock just to have the company flood there market with more stock.-25%. Awesome.i will never put 1 more cent in a gold mining in my hand good. Ingesting in gold stocks .nope never never again.

  10. Does anyone believe the rumor that big money is dumping gold and silver because they're about concerned China? it's economy in disarray with the Coronavirus, apparently the GOV is preparing to sell off ton's of silver and gold metals to boost their economy. I don't know if it's true but they say they have a lot. Should I sell off for a while and see what happens?

  11. Grant Williams, take a look at what George Gammon says about the Fed and Repo liquidity. He reckons the Treasury is playing both the Fed AND the Market and neither has a choice in the matter!

  12. Peter is right about loosing excess to your wallet. The same thing happened to mine. It was on my iPhone. The phone did an update and that was it. I couldn’t access my wallet again. Nothing anyone could do. Last time I’ll ever own it. I think he’s right. One day you’ll be screwed out of accessing your account

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