The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Denver || Gatekeepers

Next stop: Denver, Colorado, with local gatekeeper Stephanie Kroll. From base jumping from a 75-foot tour, to trying Rocky Mountain oysters, to an exclusive …


  1. I lived in Denver for two years. Never been to any of those places! Except for maybe Green Dragon once during some dark days.

    I recommend the vegan chicken and waffles from City O' City! Govinda's vegan buffet, Tacos from La Calle, and so much more God my list could be endless!

    Avoid yuppies in highlands, brewery hop in five pointz, and wander on Colfax. Also the mountains.

  2. I’m a Denver native and I’ve never been to any of these places. That chick is fucking annoying going on and on about how she knows people and thinks she’s in some exclusive clubs. Basic Denver bitch thumbs down all the way she didn’t represent Denver properly at all.

  3. This is so disappointing. Denver has kick-ass experiences to be had and she fully blew it. Shoulda called someone who actually knows what’s good instead of looking it up on google. Sorry dude. Bad gatekeeper.

  4. There is this mom that visits Colorado from another state that brain damaged her son. You need to ask god to show you where to find this lady, and how to expose her for it too. Ask god to show you who this lady is. This mother is a witch and has put curses of mind control on other people before she had her first kid, and she did it to her husband when she first met him. This lady calls herself a Christian. She puts curses of mind control on her family too. Ask god to show you if this is true.

  5. Dope dope dope episode all across the board Justin and the crew really hitting their stride. Shorty was cute too…high as ⛽ but fun. Cant see everything all at once

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