Three Testes? Intake Video of Wolfie Rescued from an LA Shelter. Testicular Growth

The paperwork from the shelter says Wolfie has abnormal testicles. UPDATE April 30 – Wolfie returned yesterday from his surgery in a lot of pain and looked just …


  1. UPDATE April 30 – Wolfie returned yesterday from his surgery in a lot of pain and looked just terrible. The vet discovered he had a Testicular Hernia and parts of his lower intestines had adhered to the testicular wall. His intestines went through a lot of trauma during surgery and we were warned that his prognosis was guarded. We found early this morning that he passed away sometimes after 2am when I last went to check on him. He was such a friendly and easy going little follow, another sad day in rescue today.

  2. I'm so sorry that Wolfie didn't make it. But thank you for giving him a chance, and for everything that you did for him and continue to do for all the other piggies. His story may not have had a happy ending, but you definitely made the ending of his life happy and full if love. Thank you for being amazing people, taking care of as many guineapigs as possible, and for educating as many people as you can. You're making a positive difference in the world for all animals. ??

  3. To get off the subject, are you going to have more Guinea pig pants that you had on Amazon, the ones with a Brown Guinea pig , and poop, Carrots, with white background? I would love to have a pair. Thanks MR

  4. Hi Saskia, I have some questions, I hope it's OK if I ask that. How is the Guinea Pig Rescue Station financially? Do you live alone on donations? Are you a zookeeper by profession? In America, many people have 3 jobs? Do you do this on a voluntary basis and do you work elsewhere during the day or do you also receive money for this work?

  5. Hi Saskia, please can you help, i took on a male guinea pig about 5 months ago, when he was about 3 months old, i dont know his story at all, but the lady i got him from said he came in on his own and cant be with any others,, i love him dearly but he wants to bite me all of the time, he doesnt like being picked up, but when i do get him hes happy to sit on my lap, but if i touch him he goes to bite me, he grabs my finger but doesnt actually bite hard, sometimes he runs at me, to bite, but if i have a treat, hes all over me, he sure does make me jump! There no physical problems with him, could you share some light on how to stop his biting attempts please x

  6. I hope that the surgery goes well! Very strange whatever is going on, but it can't be comfortable.
    Don't worry, little dude! You'll be so popular with the ladies ❤️ He's so handsome and friendly.

  7. What a doll! He looks so confused! I hope he gets paired up and has a nice later life! I hope he gets well, I know he's at the right place! He's such an adorable piggy, good thing is right, Brian!!

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