Three Unconventional Strategies To Grow Small Businesses In 2019

A lot of entrepreneurs and marketers miss the point when it comes to influencer marketing. It’s not about who has the most followers or who’s “verified.” It’s about …


  1. Jesus H Christ, let fucking other people speak. Your advice is solid but your attitude stinks. I gave up after 10 minutes because I couldn't listen to anymore arrogance and rudeness.

  2. Hey Gary, I'm always so late to the party on your videos LOL but you asked everyone and I love your stuff so here's my review! I thought this episode was super-valuable. I clicked to watch it because I want to learn more about working with micro-influencers. Your second part about micro micro micro was super helpful. I think even as a rock band with 50 fans or so (my current situation), you're right about hand-to-hand combat being the best tool. It makes sense to me that someone on Instagram with 4k followers is going to be much better to work with than someone with 300k followers. It's easier to access them, and you can probably form a closer relationship. But I also loved the first part about value. My girlfriend has a jewelry business that is very lucrative, but she makes everything custom by hand, and customers only buy if they see her in person. It might be good for her to A) hire someone (or 2 or 3) who can do what she does, give the personal attention and be as knowledgeable about the product as her. There's going to be blowback initially. But then if you want to work with her personally, you can, but she gets to charge more. Anyway brevity is not my strong suit as you can see. But thanks for another piece of super-valuable content. You fuckin rock. – Collin Daniels, Red Treasure

  3. Gary, scaling the unscalable by hiring 100 people overseas vs just a few locals = MIND BLOWN!!!

    I didn't understand even the concept of gratitude until the last few years.

    You are helping me clear the fog. TY!

  4. I would suggest meeting half way in terms of skill with language and platform and price point for those who can do manual contact through social media. Instead of going overseas, there are thousands of women in the United States who need a bit extra income (500-2000/monthly). I hear them constantly asking through FB groups seeking a flexible job they can do around their family. Many are savvy with their usage; they have that micro influence already. They are sick of MLM crap. Tap that market. You would have a flood of positive supporters for your business!

  5. Although I enjoy most of your content–here's my review–you came off a little arrogant in this episode. However, you had some excellent in site, regarding micro-influencers. Your delivery was just a little harsher than necessary. Still, I love your message. Best!

  6. Value = Helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the fast-changing world of Social Media Marketing. In this video my gold nugget was that you are actively taking action for Instagrams pull back.

  7. You know what happen when you assume things you turn into the biggest as whole of the world ? and you can turn into the worlds biggest dumb idiot by assuming what you thought you knew instead of paying attention to your clients wants and wishes instead of doing this on your own accord

  8. Great Content Gary. Micro Micro Micro segment was particularly deep, as it cut to the concept surround the mechanics of influencing with high customer granularity while harnessing scaling characteristics – Great Work and Thanks !

  9. What I enjoy about most of what you speak is the $&@@ you POV… not out of anger or jealousy, but the feelings I get are what I preach at times! You are born by yourself you will die by yourself, So Yourself should always be the FINAL voice! Your podcast do not introducer to what I need to know! They remind me what I ignored from being 46 and already lived! Life really is not that hard

  10. Gary here’s my take away. I’m going to start today after I leave the gym I’m hiring a staff to DM as many influencers and extract them from IG or YouTube. Like you always say the tools were using can disappear time to extract data we can use and control. I agree that email or direct contact is better in the long run. Always learning and always hustling!!!

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