TKO Extracts Zkittles FAKE Cart Review

I’m honestly happy I was able to have this cart even if it only lasted 3 and a half days. I hope y’all will be careful out there cause ending up in ICU is not worth a …


  1. Thank you so much. I’m sitting here with two boxes of these things, white tipped, skinny chimney, full gram and I’m a little aggravated that I have more than a dozen fake carts. Living in Florida, so it’s hard to find real shit.

  2. I get dispensary carts since I’m in Cali and not gonna lie i get high off one good hit . I wonder how it would be to smoke a fake and not get high right away lol cause u guys all say 5 hits or something to get high or a buzz but i never experienced that obviously

  3. Ima call out tko and say dr. Zodiak does test 90%+ thc lmao, sadly my shop is gonna stop carrying them in the next month or two? so ima have to start trying out pureONE vapes

  4. Please stop smoking those man, weed is supposed to be a medicine, its turning into an epidemic almost as deadly as heroin, not saying that smoking carts are bad in any way at all other than the ones you are smoking homie, yeah may not know it now but lead poisening isnt instant you know…

  5. Those are literally fake ass china knockoff carts, probably have little to no terps at all depending on where he got it from, and by the looks of that "wax" or "distillate" thats shit moving fast af lol also not even close to a gram lmao try emptying that boof ass cart and put it in a real ccell, then tell me if you got "hooked up" or not, that coil is thick af copared to an authentic one lol i feel baad for you mfs in illegal states just stick to your leafy greens ???

  6. Damn man hope youre ok. I had these as we have talked about and mine was pretty ok too although it looked dark around the atomizer by the last few drops in the cart is that nic juice or pg/vg? Taste was on point though, it WAS fake tasting not like the strain exactly but it was still good not harsh or nasty ps… i live in a legal state foe rec and med

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