Today’s Takeaway: Substance Abuse Is No Excuse For Bad Behavior

Dr. Phil says abusing alcohol and drugs causes people to make bad decisions and poor choices but, “That’s no excuse. You’re still responsible for what you do.


  1. He needs to be made accountable for his ugly actions its obvious his mom has never made him take accountability. Him saying he doesn't remember is just another way of not taking accountability. His time is up and yes you loose everything.

  2. I think it's very convenient for him to blame alcohol but what I don't understand if you do that when you drink then don't do it go get help and stop blaming other things besides taking responsibility for what you do. Be a man take responsibility what you do

  3. I dated a violent alcoholic. I would often justify his behavior by saying he was drinking and believing that as long as I could get him sober all of the bad behavior would stop and everything would be wonderful. Eventually I realized he was just a toxic person in general and left him to enjoy his drunken violent spells by himself.

  4. That was one badly placed kick away from murder dude! He's actually trying to get out of going to jail? He should be hanging his head in shame, drink and drugs are amplifiers, not creators of behaviour. This man does not mind hitting a woman in anger. That video is sickening, should be in a psa on domestic assault. The woman has some heart to release that footage, hopefully it helps other women out at the very least.

  5. Don’t even entertain the notion that he actually does not remember what he did he completely remembers it it’s deeply ingrained in his character you don’t just become like this when you drink or else a lot more people would be like this?

  6. If he knows he gets violent with his girlfriend around the baby, he is guilty for his actions. He chose to not get help. He drives pretty good for a "drunk" guy. He was able to make a clean getaway and everything.

  7. The takeaway: No one has sympathy for you Darnell. You’re a violent offender and need a good prison sentence. If people go to jail 5 years for weed this guy needs to do 15.

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