Training your Cannabis. Tieing Cannabis down. The update (18+)

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  1. Thanks for the info. I love watching your videos, I learn so much being a first time grower, and your videos are very informative and amusing with you voice and narrating lol appreciate it brother ?

  2. Hey there Squatch. I kind of do the same thing with the string tie down. But instead of making those slip knots I use binder clamps that you can pick up anywhere in the office supply section. It works very easy and fast while adjusting. No more tieing to your pots just clamp and adjust as needed. Well thanks for the videos and keep growing those titties.

  3. Potsquatch I need your help brother , if u have a moment I have a quick vid of my 2.5×2.5 electric sky grow. All organics in soil .. my issue is it's either too cold at 75 day and 65 night under led or I over watered @ 4 litres in 15 gal fabric pot … leaves are curling down and loses a bit of chlorophyll In the upper leaves , soil has been reamended recently with 4.4.4 and I have a heating pad under her.. always adjust ph to 6.5

  4. Yo serious question. I have extremely limited space. Plants already scroged, halfway into flower, three inches from a t5. I'm worried when buds fatten they could touch the light. Can I put a mosquito net firmly in place to restrict buds from touching the light or would it harm the buds. Would they remain under the net and buds just fatten out? Or would the net do something to ruin it? Any input would help. Don't get me wrong my tent is looking awesome! Just don't want buds touching the light and literally can't tuck, supercrop any more than I already have. It's jam packed!

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