TRYING CBD HEMP FLOWER (8 MONTHS LATER): Effects of Hemp vs. 'Marijuana' & More!

Hey, all! Today I touch on sort of what I’ve learned about my experience with CBD hemp flower after 8 months (really about 9 months) of having first tried it.


  1. CBD is really nice and it's definitely more of a necessity to me even though I havent had any in a while more then THC but I'm still a fan of thc but I've come to appreciate CBD a lot more nowadays. Sorry smoking now and rambling…thats how i know I'm smoking sativa right now ? haha

    And hell yeah F*** big PHARMA
    Cheers bro!

  2. Yeah I see I'm more of an indica guy sativas make me overthink they are okay for when I'm trying to be artsy or maybe make some music or doing something productive but really I think enough as it is I overthink enough as it is sativas make me talk too much I feel like I'm just in my head a lot more if it said nice hybrid with Indica being the dominant then maybe it'll be alright but most of the time if I smoke a potent sativa I need some CBD afterwards to kind of calm me down it didn't used to be like that when I was younger but as I've gotten older I am strictly more of a fan of Indica personally.

  3. I feel I failed to touch on a few things I mentioned at the first of this video, so I'll do so here:

    In terms of frequency in use, I have rarely been using the CBD flower for the last few months. But, given experiential data I've acquired since my first video discussing hemp, I feel I've learned a lot about its effects versus that of its cannabian cousin 'marijuana'.

    However, with each use, I'm reminded of how predictable the effects are compared to the most 'common' form of cannabis. There doesn't seen to be a cognitive effect, and if so, it is positive. What I mean by that is that there doesn't seem to be a slow of mental operations, or a deviation from the norm of that. There does seem to be a tendency for certain strains to be a function of (rather than a cause) of sleepiness, but I think you kind of have to be in that environment first for it to really take effect.

    I hope this video comes of use to you all. I hope I may be a help in eliminating yet another thing I enjoy that has a lot of stigma surrounding it. Ultimately, I encourage you to pursue your own research into the topic and to not rely on one, sole source of info.

    Thanks everybody!

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